Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it bad if you forgot your password?

Yup everyone, its been that long since I last blogged, I forgot my password. That's really bad, but what can I say? I am a busy person these days. What with pre-school, daycare, soccer, t-ball starting up, the boys appointments, visits from CPS (good kind, not bad), not to mention work and having to help Biker with school. This have been a bit on the crazy side. So, I am finally getting a moment to type and I thought it would be to all of you. So many many many things have happened/are happening/going to happen that my crazy wonderful like is getting even better.

Many of you know, but for those of you that don't, Biker and I got 3 amazing little boys in July. I can't put their pictures up yet, because they are not legally ours yet, but the even better news is that they transfer to the adoption unit on April 19th, meaning that in 3-6 months we will legally have little biker-gators. They've been ours since day one, but it will just be legal in a few months.

I have learned so many things over the past almost 9 months. Things like we don't say Butt Cereal, dinosaurs are still in existence, things are thhhhhpicy instead of spicy, and if one person in their lives don't like something suddenly they don't either. EVERY pre-school day I hear, "Ms Janet doesn't like BBQ chips" am I packing Ms Janet's lunch? "Ms Janet says we have to wear our seat belts." Mommy says that too. "Ms Janet says we need to wash our hand after we go to the bathroom." Am I talking to myself here??

I now know every dinosaur, what it eats, what its called, when it lived (Jurassic, Triassic, or Cretaceous time period), and the Hungry Hungry Herbivore song. I can sing it if you want. I know that Sesame Street plays adult humor to little ones, "does a wild bear shower in the woods", and then the kids look at me and ask, well does he???

We have had to go over things like Daddy works at night, he isn't going to sleep at anyone elses house, and yes I will always love you, even when you get in trouble. That even if you have an accident you do not have to take a cold shower, and just because we pack a suitcase to go somewhere does not mean you have to leave. If we go somewhere we all go.

But then there are awesome moments like then looking at me like I am crazy for asking if they have ever played in the rain. And J1 looks at me like I have lost my ever loving mind...and says no, we would get wet. Yes, that's the point. We played in the sprinkler yesterday and it was apparently the coolest thing ever. When they get on their bikes or big wheels and say, "watch this, I am going to ride a wheelie like Daddy".

And then there are the times that every mother dreads. Like V standing in front of the TV the other day when a Victoria Secret commercial comes on and he looks at me and says "I like that". Or J1 learns to wink and I have to tell him that I am the only girl he'll ever need to wink at. Or J2 saying that instead of bad dreams he is going to dream about see 1st grader K, that goes to daycare with your not.

I find myself saying the same things over and over and over. Do you need to poop, you tell me if you need to poop, I am not kidding do you need to poop? Don't hit your brother, don't hit your brother, keep your hands off your brother, did you hear me? Stop it, stop it, I said stop it. Are you even listening to me? Why would you sit on your brother's head? No really what possessed you to sit on your brother's head?? Don't push the cat into the bathtub, see now the cats all wet, yes I see how she is leaving tracks on the carpet. I said DON'T SIT ON YOUR BROTHER'S HEAD! Do you want to lose a nickel, cause you will lose a nickel. Do not put a stretchy dinosaur in the heater, why did you put a stretchy dinosaur in the heater?!?! Didn't I say don't sit on him?

See life it different and its never a dull moment, but I would trade one single second.