Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glorious Garage Sale Finds

The garage sale finds have been wonderful lately. We have really been getting ready for the kiddos for whenever the agency calls. I took some pictures so that you can all see how cheap I am, I mean how frugal I can be. Yeah that's it! I have done a little research and found the actual prices of these items versus what I paid for them. I must say, we have done a very good job at garage sales, and we are anxiously awaiting a phone call.

One sweet Grow and Go Lil Rollin Giraffe Retail Price $29.99. I paid $1.

Graco Booster seat retail price $22. I paid $2.
Awesome floaty bathtub foam letters retail price $5.99. I paid $0.50.

Fisher Price super cute animal mirror retail at Wal-Mart for $20. I paid $1.

Graco Stroller, now on this one I could not find an exact one. I found some fancier and some less fancy, so I went with the less fancy price cause I didn't want y'all to think that I was trying to show off. Retail $89, I paid $10.

Graco Pack and Play retail is $75. I paid $15. She wanted $25. I was like lady, it is 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, you have been out here all day and no one has paid you $25 for your pack adn play that is in perfect shape. You have already told me its been in the attic for a year. I don't care that you are telling me that you paid $90 for it. You didn't pay $90 for it, I know this because I have the internet and I can look it up. Ok, well I really didn't say this, but I thought it in my mind. She took $15. I was happy and she prompty shut down her garage sale. LOL!

Baby Trends High Chair. In great shape, I just had to wash the padding. Retail price $90. I paid $10. Super cute little booster seat for the table. I couldn't find this exact model so I went with a cheaper one, which was $17. I paid $1.

Now I just love this!! It is a comforter for a baby bed. We can't have bumpers or anything like that until the baby gets older, but I fell in love with this. I just looked up the actual price on the set and about fell out of my chair. It comes in a 6 piece set and retails for $180. That makes each piece around $30. I paid $5 for this blanket and I thought that was outragous.

This little papous makes me happy. Biker and I have been looking for one. We think its awesome when you see parents carrying babies in them. The retail price on it is $63. I paid $2.

About 8 sets of little people silverware. This is a pic of them in the dishwasher. I have sterilized everything by sending it through the dishwasher and bleaching it. The retail on these is $2.97 for 2 sets, so that means $11.88. I paid $0.50. A rubber maid stool that I pulled out of the dishwasher that's why its still wet, it retails for $10.15, I paid $1.

Doda talked me into this stool. She made a valid point, what if we get more that one kiddo? So I bought this stool too. Its is by Kids II and it retails for $9.95. I paid $0.50.
This rockin awesome fort slide play thing is by Little Tikes. The closest thing I could find to match it retails for $119. I paid $10. this is awesomeness at its finest! Its a front end loader. Biker was super excited. It retails for $199. I paid $5. Now, I should let you all know that this toy does not have a battery. I will have to purchase a battery. I looked at batteries on the HotWheels website and they are around $50. So we will say that I purchase that battery for $50, then counting my $5 investment I have spent $55. That is still $144 less than retail.

This little bus is just adorable, I had to replace the batteries in him. When you bump his grill then he goes honk honk varooooommm. He is just precious!! The retail price on him is $30. I paid $1. Who would play $30??
This is my favorite find! I bought everything in this picture for under $5 including the bookshelf. The bookshelf was all yucky when I bought it, so after 2 coats of paint it looks as good as new. I bought this book shelf, a cabinet, and 3 16x20 picture frams for $10, so you figure up how much this sweet little book shelf cost me. The books on here were all less than a quarter and the little tikes hammer was $0.50 (it retails for $8.99) I don't know who makes these little stackable cups. My baby brother use to have some and he just loved them. Now that was 17 years ago, but I feel like our kids will like them.

So what do you all think? Huh? Good finds? Any other suggestions? From just the stuff I have listed on here the retail price total would have come out to $830.95 not counting in taxes. I have paid $62 for everything. ~blink blink blink~ That comes to a total of $768.95 worth of savings. That is more than my house payment, just to put things in perspective. I do love garage sales!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hard day...pfffff

I have wanted to cheat all day. ALL DAY people! But I have stuck with my diet for 5 days now. As of this morning I am down 3lbs. Which is good, Biker on the other hand has eaten an ice cream sandwich and a bag of pork rinds...he's lost 9.5lbs. Fate is cruel. So I wanted to tell you about my day so that you would understand.

So there I was...surrounded by Honey seriously. Seems like everywhere I went there were honey buns. ~Tip~ Baby Gator LOVES her some honey buns. I saw little kids eating honey buns, honey buns for sale, honey buns riding tandem bicycles together. Ok, maybe not that one, but still honey buns as far as the eye could see.

I did not give into this honey bun-o-doom trap. I drank my tea, ate my chicken, cucumbers, melba toast, & apple. It was actually my 2nd apple that I ate, cause I bit into the first apple and it was all nasty. But the 2nd apple was all applicous and great and stuff. So, hopefully tomorrow will not be honey bun filled.

I am doing the HCG diet for 40 days, today is day 5. I already see results, but I have to tell you when you flash honey buns at big girl...things could get ugly.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Next Steps

Ok, I promise I will blog more about the wedding as soon as I get the pictures. Hopefully she will be done editing the bazillions that she took by Thursday.

So anywho, things have really be crackin since the wedding. For the foster care stuff we have had the fire inspection (twice, cause he didn't fill out the papers right), the health inspection, the home study (also twice cause part of it got deleted). So things are rolling right along with that. On the home study, our agency kept saying we contract out to someone so that we can still look you in the face afterwards...WHAT?!?!?!? Yeah, not how it was at all. I am betting the contract out cause its a 5-7 hour process. That's just the interviews, then you have to write the whole 55 page document up. Thank goodness we didn't have to do that part. So, Sara-home study girl was super nice. She called me last Thursday adn was almost in tears, the individual interviews did not save. We would have to redo them. I was like no problem Sara, if that's the biggest hiccup we have, its all gravy. MMMM....gravy....I digress. So that is underway, should be around 2-3 weeks and we will know something, and soon hopefully be getting phone calls about little people.

In other news, Biker and I have started a new diet that a friend of ours SS did. SS lost 38 lbs in 25 days. He has lost numerous inches and obviously lbs. So Biker and I started on the HCG diet on Saturday. For the first 2 days you eat as much as you want of whatever you want. These are called Gorge Days (babygator is good at gorge days). Day 3-how ever long you choose to do it, maximum is 40 days you eat 500 calories a day. I know I know, sounds like crap. But you get 6 ounces of meat a day, 2 veggies, 2 fruits, 2 pieces of crappy I mean super yummy melba toat, and all the tea (even sweet tea is you use Stevia), water, and coffee you can drink. I don't drink coffee so this is not an issue for me.

Just let me say, if you do not have anything positive to say about my diet choices, keep your comments to yourself. I love you all, I need support not yucky comments. Since Saturday, I have lost 1 pound, Biker has lost 3. Isn't that precious? My goal is 30 lbs this round. I will be happy with 20 lbs, but I am really trying for 30. Bikers goal is 35lbs, and he will already on his way. I am super proud of him, cause usually he is all whoohooo about something and then when he starts day 2 its over. So Day 3 and going strong. Oh yeah, and you don't have to excercise. I will keep up with my walking cause I don't do much of it, but you don't have to.

So I am going to leave you now with yet another super awesome picture of the wedding. I swear more to come. As soon as I get them you guys can see them.