Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fantansies, Flowers, and Under Fluffies

I am again sorry for not posting sooner, and I hope that you all understand. For the ones of you that read my lil-o-blog you know that I got married last week. Best decision I ever made. I married a man that loves me regardless of me being a dork, he listens to me when I am...crazy comes to mind, and he is my equal. I love that!!

So lets talk about all the fun stuff that we have been doing. I reset my voice mail for anyone that wants to know. It now says, "Hey this is Baby Gator, or Baby Gator and Biker, I'm not here right now cause Biker and I are out doing something fun, riding the motorcycle, having an adventure, leave me a message." I thought it was fitting, lol.

Of course my Dad walked me down the aisle. I will go into detail about that in my next blog, I will just burst into tears if I try doing it tonight.

Ok, so the wedding. It was amazing, a real dream come true! Everywhere you looked there was flowers. Flowers are one of my ALL TIME favorite things. And don't even act like 75% of all of everything wasn't pink. It was pink. Our colors were pink, green, and orange, but if you ask me our colors were "blush and bashful". <---favorite movie quote.
I of course did not take any pictures of anything the day of the wedding. ~ponders~ I wonder why?? But many of my wonderful friends did. I cannot express how much our wedding was like a fairy tale. My awesome photographer worked her butt off taking pictures, I mean she only took like 4000, and then the crazy girl wanted to take a vacation this week. Can you believe that?!?!
I am going to leave y'all with a few pictures that were sent to me, and I will be back later this week to tell more of the amazing stories I have from that night. Hopefully I will have my professional pictures back soon and then I can share tons of pics with y'all. The day was amazing, and I cannot emphasize that enough. My head is still spinning, when I think someone actually wanted to marry me, its crazy...I know.

I will attempt to write more tomorrow. I love you all!