Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glorious Garage Sale Finds

The garage sale finds have been wonderful lately. We have really been getting ready for the kiddos for whenever the agency calls. I took some pictures so that you can all see how cheap I am, I mean how frugal I can be. Yeah that's it! I have done a little research and found the actual prices of these items versus what I paid for them. I must say, we have done a very good job at garage sales, and we are anxiously awaiting a phone call.

One sweet Grow and Go Lil Rollin Giraffe Retail Price $29.99. I paid $1.

Graco Booster seat retail price $22. I paid $2.
Awesome floaty bathtub foam letters retail price $5.99. I paid $0.50.

Fisher Price super cute animal mirror retail at Wal-Mart for $20. I paid $1.

Graco Stroller, now on this one I could not find an exact one. I found some fancier and some less fancy, so I went with the less fancy price cause I didn't want y'all to think that I was trying to show off. Retail $89, I paid $10.

Graco Pack and Play retail is $75. I paid $15. She wanted $25. I was like lady, it is 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, you have been out here all day and no one has paid you $25 for your pack adn play that is in perfect shape. You have already told me its been in the attic for a year. I don't care that you are telling me that you paid $90 for it. You didn't pay $90 for it, I know this because I have the internet and I can look it up. Ok, well I really didn't say this, but I thought it in my mind. She took $15. I was happy and she prompty shut down her garage sale. LOL!

Baby Trends High Chair. In great shape, I just had to wash the padding. Retail price $90. I paid $10. Super cute little booster seat for the table. I couldn't find this exact model so I went with a cheaper one, which was $17. I paid $1.

Now I just love this!! It is a comforter for a baby bed. We can't have bumpers or anything like that until the baby gets older, but I fell in love with this. I just looked up the actual price on the set and about fell out of my chair. It comes in a 6 piece set and retails for $180. That makes each piece around $30. I paid $5 for this blanket and I thought that was outragous.

This little papous makes me happy. Biker and I have been looking for one. We think its awesome when you see parents carrying babies in them. The retail price on it is $63. I paid $2.

About 8 sets of little people silverware. This is a pic of them in the dishwasher. I have sterilized everything by sending it through the dishwasher and bleaching it. The retail on these is $2.97 for 2 sets, so that means $11.88. I paid $0.50. A rubber maid stool that I pulled out of the dishwasher that's why its still wet, it retails for $10.15, I paid $1.

Doda talked me into this stool. She made a valid point, what if we get more that one kiddo? So I bought this stool too. Its is by Kids II and it retails for $9.95. I paid $0.50.
This rockin awesome fort slide play thing is by Little Tikes. The closest thing I could find to match it retails for $119. I paid $10. this is awesomeness at its finest! Its a front end loader. Biker was super excited. It retails for $199. I paid $5. Now, I should let you all know that this toy does not have a battery. I will have to purchase a battery. I looked at batteries on the HotWheels website and they are around $50. So we will say that I purchase that battery for $50, then counting my $5 investment I have spent $55. That is still $144 less than retail.

This little bus is just adorable, I had to replace the batteries in him. When you bump his grill then he goes honk honk varooooommm. He is just precious!! The retail price on him is $30. I paid $1. Who would play $30??
This is my favorite find! I bought everything in this picture for under $5 including the bookshelf. The bookshelf was all yucky when I bought it, so after 2 coats of paint it looks as good as new. I bought this book shelf, a cabinet, and 3 16x20 picture frams for $10, so you figure up how much this sweet little book shelf cost me. The books on here were all less than a quarter and the little tikes hammer was $0.50 (it retails for $8.99) I don't know who makes these little stackable cups. My baby brother use to have some and he just loved them. Now that was 17 years ago, but I feel like our kids will like them.

So what do you all think? Huh? Good finds? Any other suggestions? From just the stuff I have listed on here the retail price total would have come out to $830.95 not counting in taxes. I have paid $62 for everything. ~blink blink blink~ That comes to a total of $768.95 worth of savings. That is more than my house payment, just to put things in perspective. I do love garage sales!


queen of everything said...

aislyn says she'll be over in about 5 minutes to make sure everything works.

great finds, you're going to be an awesome mom.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love it all!!!

My favorite is the blanket. Love it!

And the bus! OMG!

Gator World!! said...

The bus is totally awesome and so is the hammer. I say that now as I am the only person playing with them. Let some little person crash that bus into the wall 400 million times and see what I say then. LOL!

The blanket it precious! I can't wait for you to see it in real life. I made sure it is machine washable.

Flutterby said...

Well.. someone obviously paid $30 for it, lol. And I love seeing you say "our kids"... beautiful.

river song said...

the critter blanket/ comforter, definitely the critters.

Busy Bee Andrea said...

I have got to go to garage saling with you! You found some great things!