Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Today

I am doing this because of my Mom Gator's blog. Its a Thankful list, just to put myself back into reality.

Biker, he knows me and he loves me anyways. I love him too, even though he is super stinky.

My family. My biggest fear is letting them down, and I don't know why. If you ask any of them they will all tell you how proud of me they are.

My Dad, who has always been my hero. He will dance with me at my wedding. He will be there to give me away, and for that I am ever so thankful!

My friends, who all know that I am off center, a little crazy, and sometimes a little aaaaahhhhhhhh, but they still hang out with me. i could not ask for anyone better.

My house, it may be small and out in nowhere-ville, but it is a home and a place where people have always felt welcome, and I love that.

The church we are attending. Sometimes, it just feels good to be welcomed.

Going bridesmaid's dress shopping today.

Fur babies, mine and other peoples.

Good hair. I know this one is vein, but I have always had awesome hair, and I am thankful for that.

The paperwork already being started, and even though I know my family is apprehensive they have all be so supportive.

Our wedding, something I am so excited about and so anxious and worried and crazy about all at the same time.

The Harley, again vein I know. But I love to ride, I love being that close to Biker, I love the wind in my hair (even though it makes it all tangly), I am ready for Spring time so we can ride more.

You, I am thankful for you.


Flutterby said...

Paperwork......? Should I be smiling at that??

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love your list!