Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And another month passes!

I know, I promised that I would start blogging more, and I have had every intention of doing so. And you see where that got me. Let's see what all has happened in a month.

We went to OKC, for the national HOG rally. We got to ride in the parade of Harley's it was so awesome. We met new friends, Deluxe, and his grilfriend type person (I haven't come up with a name for her yet, but she really isn't a key player in the story), Snooty, and her husband type person Spence.
This is me and Snooty. Aren't we so pretty!

This is Deluxe, Spence, and Biker. You can tell my Biker was tired. Lol, and maybe Spence was even sleeping.

This is Deluxe and his girlfriend (type person).

Deluxe has the same name as Biker, but it's spelled differently. Which is pretty cool. Spence and Biker were friends in High School. Ok, well that catches you up on the new peeps.

I am posting a pic of my favorite part of the parade. On one side the flag is attached to a building, on the otherside it is attached to a fireman's latter truck. All the fireman were standing by the truck in uniform, it was so awesome!!! Well, you can see that.

We went to the OKC zoo while we were there, and it was so cool. Everyone made fun of me for wanting to go to the zoo, but we had a great time. I found coupons that got us each in for $5. That was like a $4 per couple savings. I know, my name is Baby Gator and I am a coupon addict. I learned it from my Mom Gator, I can't help myself, coupons are a learned dependency for me. Lol! I love you MG!

We cooked at the HOG club last weekend. Biker smoked 4 briskets, and I made homemade peach cobbler. We just bought the rest of the fixins. It was WONDERFUL!!!!! About 40 people or so showed up and cleaned us out. I was great. Everyone loves peach cobbler done that way, and it is just so simple.

I kept Mrs. Wedding Planners animals, the boys, this past weekend while they were away on vacation. They were just so good...well....almost. Seems that we left brisket grease in a container a little to accessible. This was on day three. Well, seeing as how doggies can't just pop lids off, they chewed threw the container, and they ate the WHOLE thing of brisket grease. Mrs. WP kept apologizing to me, but I kept apologizing back, cause no telling what kind of digestive problems the boys are gonna have after that.

I also did not want to give back little dog. He was my snuggle buddy. They are seriously the easiest dogs in the world to baby sit. I kept furry paper weights, I swear. It was great. Oh and the best thing of all, Mrs. WP and the Schwans Man are thinking about moving to Happy-town. How cool would that be???

I also went to a Mary Kay party at Krista's house. It was so cool, everyone there was so nice to me, and the more people I meet in this town the nicer they are being. Its so cool. I didn't buy anything, but I had a blast, and met lots of neat people.

Next week we fly out again, and I am really looking forward to a vacation. Things haven't been going so bueno at work, but it's a hazard of the job I guess. Mrs. WP is thinking about applying for the home manager's position when it comes available, and I am so excited, cause we would get to work together more. Ok, well I am going to go for a while. I will take lots of pics next week, and I promise I will share them with all of you.