Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy Cow It's Been Forever!

Hey everyone, I have no idea why it has been so long since I have written anything. Heck, its almost been years. So, I am going to give you a quick run down of how things have been going, and the real reasons why I haven't been on here.

  1. Lydi had surgery, it went great and that is so awesome!!! This also means that I have been having to do twice the work since she has been gone.
  2. Lydi is retiring...I am sad.
  3. People have gone crazy. I formerly thought these people were not crazy, but turns out....
  4. of course not my own, but I did work some and one of them was super awesome...the other one...well...I will tell you after it is settled.
  5. The (take over your life with all the weeding that you have to do) garden.
  6. Work...
  7. The stupid people at my work...
  8. Work...
  9. Riding the Harley.
  10. Facebook farming. If you facebook farm then you know what I am talking about!
So lots of super neat stuff have been going on. Still no full time job on the home front for Biker, but he did get PRN (as needed) work with WT! Who-hoo! WT...A&M...WT...A&M! Sorry that is a chant from back in the day...ah...memories.

I got to work at a wedding with Mrs. Wedding Planner and it was so super cool. I could so have a job just taking care of peoples wants and riding in a limo, as a matter of fact, if anyone knows of an opening for a position like that then I am available. Seriously...

Flutterby and her daughter came to see Mom and me. It was totally awesome! Mom rode on the Harley that night too. It was way cool. She is such a biker chick!

See, you are always suppose to wear your helmet.
Unless you are a bad ass Biker that gives up his helmet so his almost mother in law can wear it. Don't they both look so comfortable on a bike???

Ok, I also found this meat on sale at Wal-Mart, its called Pork Brisket. I had never heard of it and neither had Biker, but it was on sale for $0.75 a pound, so be bought a bunch of it. Turns out it is the meat that is on the end of ribs. WE LOVE RIBS!!! So, turns out...we love pork brisket. Biker has been smoking some of it for us, but now we are out of wood so we have to get some more wood so we can have somemore of the scrumptious meat. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

This is what is looked like when he first put it on the smoker.
This is the end product. OMG, it was SOOOOO good. We are making some to take to the 4th of July thingy at Mom's house.

This is what was left. What can I say? Don't come between a big girl and her meat. I will stab you, I am not even playing.

We also went to the river for Memorial Day, and took Baby Brother. We all had a blast!!! I have like 94 pictures of us at the river, so I will only post a few, because I am sure that you all have something to do other that read this blog.

Biker playing his harmonica that my Mama sent him. I called her and let her listen to him play. He can only play Taps...did I mention that???

My super totally awesome coolio Baby Brother. Who is taller than I am, and I am just so glad that he is MY brother and no one elses!

This is me, washing Biker's hair. I also washed Baby Brother's but no one got a picture of that. See...and no one believes me that they are spoiled!

These are my super dirty flip flops! I love to get dirty. Oh yeah, you know what I mean!!!

Ok, well that is all that I am going to share today. I should also let everyone know that I took my blog off private for a while, if I start getting stalked again then I will put it back to private, but it has been almost a year since all of that crap, so hopefully we are in the clear now.

I promise from now on I will try to blog more. The only reason I thought about it today was because I got a package from Sarita the other day, and she asked me to start blogging again, and Mrs. Wedding Planner called me a while ago and put in a request for a blog. So, I much ablidge my reading public. I love you all so much and have missed you. I hope that you will enjoy this posting, and again, I will really try to post more often!