Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy-round 2

So we had another round of weather this past week. I was at work and Biker was at the house, and everyone under the sun, bless their hearts, kept calling me to say "Now Gator, you should probably get on home." Which I did. I wish I had taken a picture of the storm that I drove into. It was crazy!!! I got home, and not 5 minutes later they started blowing the tornado sirens. Seriously, I made it just in time. Well the sirens went off for about 30 minutes in all. No tornado. So I called the city, they said they were told to blow the sirens of they were blowing them.

I guess people tend to be more cautious if there town has been almost destroyed before by a tornado. So we stayed in the basement for a while. That was fun. Roll call for basement activity: Gator here, Biker here, Patrick here, Dixie here, Milk here. Oh yeah. Let's get Patrick, Dixie and Milk in a small confined location for 30 minutes. That worked out well. So up we go.

I was exhausted from the whole day and week that I had had, so Biker told me to lay down and he would come get me if anything was going on. I was only suppose to get to sleep for an hour. Yeah that didn't happen. Work called no less that 15 times in 1 hour. Seriously.

So finally I was about to get up when Biker came in and said "Tulia (the armpit of Texas) got hit with what they are saying is a foot of hail. They are saying if you don't have to go to Tulia then don't. So you wanna go to Tulia???" Which of course I replyed sure.

So off we go. And I took pictures along the way so that I could blog about it.

Also, I can't figure out how or why all of this is underlined. I tried to turn it off and it won't. So sorry y'all.

This is right outside of Happy, there is standing water EVERYWHERE!!!

People were stuck in the bar ditches, and everything. We were going to pull them out, but no one was in the car. Who gets out of the car in a hail storm?
They had to get out the snow plows to get all the hail off of the roads. Yep, y'all this is hail not snow.
We were stuck in this long line of vehicles for a while, but we turned around, drove north in the south bound lane, finally found was is suppose to be an on ramp, we used it as an off ramp, and got on the access road. And then I took pics of all the silly people still stuck in line.

We went on into Tulia, and saw this truck being all sorts of stuck. They had a big wrecker there to pull him out. Biker preceded to tell me all of the things that the driver probably did wrong, and how he would have done it. Or the other possibility was that the road washed out and the driver got stuck.
He was really stuck. This guy was stuck too. But, if you look closely it would have been the prefect place to unload. No ramps needed.

This is the poor Ford house. It got blown away about 3 years ago by a tornado. Now it got the crap beat out of it by hail. If I owned this building I would would move my business. It's just bad karma there.

We saw these hard core bikers at the rest stop. HARD CORE I tell ya! These are the true bikers of the world. Rain, snow, hail, whatever they are like the postal system, nothing will stop them! Freedom at its finest.

This is our bike. Safe and sound at home in the garage, with the tarp over it so it doesn't get water or dust on it. Did I mention we were in Biker's pickup? Turns out we aren't hard core.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Man the wind has been TERRIBLE here! We tried to take pictures, but they wouldn't turn out right. The wind has been so bad that the weather man even came on tv and said travel around Happy and I-27 was STRONGLY discouraged!

Other than the crazy wind, it has been a pretty good day. We got up this morning and went into Amarillo to donate blood, because I feel that is just the thing to do. I mean, what if it is me that needs blood next time? I hope some generous soul has donated so that I can be saved. Anyways, enough of my soap box.

We donated the blood, and when I say WE I really mean I donated blood. Biker tried but bless his little heart, he just couldn't fill up the bag. Bon Bon donated, Mr. Bean donated, Mr. Bean's girlfriend donated, and so many more. I am so proud of everyone.

So tonight, the most fabulous couple, Wedding Planner and the Schwan's Man are coming over tonight for brisket and games. They are bringing a game called "Inappropriate Questions" (I think that is what it's called), and we just bought Scattegories and Taboo at a garage sale on Friday.

Speaking of super awesome finds at garage sales, we got a Food Saver and 8 rolls of the bags that go with it for $3. One roll usually costs more than $3. The actual machine ranges from $85-129.99 on e-bay. I just looked! CRAZY HUH?!?! And people call me cheap. I am not cheap I am just frugal.

~whispers~ I get the 'frugalness' from my Mom Gator. She is so totally awesome she bought a pair of boots one time with just the money she saved from using coupons. I swear!