Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

Ok, y'all I know every time I say that I am going to blog more. What can I say? Fall is a busy time of year for me. State comes to do my annual audit, and without a home manager everything has fallen on me. But, no worries. I have made it through one audit and one investigation on my own and just fine. So, now all I am wait for it H-town's audit and then we are free and clear for another year! YEAH!!!

Let's see...what to tell you all next. Wedding plans are coming along just great. We have booked the ceremony and reception venue, chosen a photographer, we have chosen the date, and I have bought the most beautiful dress ever! Well, it started out as a really pretty dress, but then Mom and I decided to change sometimes and NOW it is the most beautiful dress ever. I would post a pic, but Biker reads this, and I don't want him to see my dress. Like wise, he does not want to see the dress until the day of the wedding.

I have take three trips since I last blogged. One to Vegas with MG, and had a blast!!! One to Mrs. Wedding Planner's wedding, who I will from now on be referring to her as Doda. And one to OKC with MG, Mama, Doda, and Doda's Mom for a huge craft fair. We had a blast. Crafts were as far as the eye could see. Biker and Schwan's man didn't want to go, they kept calling it a fart and crap show. They are dorks...what can I say?

Other than that I guess not to terribly much has gone on. Wow, I'm boring. Lol. I will try in the future to blog more, there is just so much life going on right now, that it is hard to always sit down and tell about it. As soon as November is over I am in hopes to be able to calm down more, and be able to write. I have acutally been doing stuff that I want to tell you guys about.

I made candles the other day, just cause I love to do that. I am baking cookies, cause it is getting to be winter and the oven heats the house really nicely. And the main thing on my plate other than work work work is wedding, WeDdInG, WEDDING!!! In the future, I promise to be better about it.


Bunny Bunster said...

Good luck with everything!
When is the wedding? Are you registered anywhere?

Gator World!! said...

Hey Bunny, of course I am not registered anywhere silly! That would mean that I was on the ball. I think this weekend Biker and I are going to go register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and maybe Target or Wal-Mart. I'm not sure yet. Thank you for posting a comment, no one else loves me but you. ~sniff sniff~ LOL!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Yeah I don't love you. ~rolls my eyes~