Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me and Katie Holmes

I know the title is odd, but trust me you will understand at the end.

So we went to Vegas this past week. It was wonderful, we had a fantastic time. We went to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Exhibit at the Mirage.

It was WAY cool. While we were there, we went underground and you can see inside the tanks where they work with the dolphins, it must be the most awesome job ever! I swear!

We went to the Winn, which is much to expensive for us. But they has these beautiful statues of butterflys, so Biker took my picture.

We gambeled a little bit, mostly lost money. That's how it goes in Vegas. Apparently, Vegas wasn't built on winners. Who knew??? Lol.

I finally got to watch the Pirate show. This makes my third time to Vegas, and I have never seen the pirate show. Its called the Sirens At TI. It was really cool!!!

The next night we went to see Crazy Girls. The tickets were free with our room. I now see why. It is a topless review, which ok whatever. It is also, Vegas' longest running topless review, THAT I DO NOT SEE WHY!!!! The best part of it was the magician at intermission. I kid you not. Biker got up to go to the bathroom during the actual show. It was that great.

That afternoon Biker has me call The Paris to see what time the Eiffel tower closed. They told me that is closes at 12:30am. Which is 2:30am in Texas. After the terrible show, we got on the bus, which is the best money I have ever spent in Vegas, and was off to the Eiffel Tower. I also had a coupon, buy one ticket, get one free. Hey its like $12 a person to go up there, it was worth my coupon. So anyways, we are on the bus with the most awful bus driver in the world. He must hate his job, cause he pretty much told us that. It took forever to get to the Eiffel Tower, and Biker was just so anxious. He kept saying, can't he hurry up, we aren't going to make it. Please note, when Biker stated saying these things we has been on the bus approximately 10 minutes.

So we finally get to The Paris, we go buy our tickets, and the very nice lady says that yes the last tickets will be sold at 12:30 am. Oh, ok cool. And that we had an hour wait time. Fabulous! Anyways, we finally get up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was us and every Asian tourist in Vegas. And they all tried to put coins into the distance viewer thingys that had big signs on them that said "OUT OF ORDER". Those things should be called Quarter Eaters. Cause it took all their money, but gave them nothing in return.

Also, I would like for you to all note that it is approximately 900 million degree in Las Vegas in August. And we are 21 stories above the ground. It was HOT! And we stood up there forever. Then we would go look at the other side. We would stand there for a while, then we would go look at the other side. We would stand there for a while, AND then we would go look at the other side. This went on for 1 1/2 hours. At one point Biker's shoe came untied. Now, we have been together for a long time. I think nothing of this, so I tell him, put your foot up here and I will tie it. So he did, and I tied it.

Finally people started to clear off, and it was hot, and we had seen ever sight that you could possibly see from the Eiffel Tower in Las Vages. So, Biker turns to me and says "Baby Gator, I have a surprise for you." I said, "Ok". Then he got down on one knee and said, "Baby Gator, will you marry me?" I said "OMG, yes." Then we cried, he says he didn't cry, but he did. Don't tell him I said that. So there was only like 6 tourist, us and two employees left on the top, so they took our picture and told us congratulations, and we all went down to the casino. Where I got outside and promptly called my Mom Gator.

Also, I think the girl that took the picture was drunk, cause she took about three but they all had her finger it, so I finally just said, no that's good I will just crop your finger out of my pictures.

Biker kept saying, don't call Mom Gator it is 3:30 am Texas time, she didn't care. She was so happy too!!! Biker is loved by my family, and that is so important to me. Biker know this too, and he even went and talked to my Dad (granddad) to ask permission to marry me. My Dad told Biker that he already considers him family and that he would be proud to have me marry Biker.

So there you have it, I am like Katie Holmes, cause we both got engaged on the Eiffel Tower. There maybe a slight geographical difference, but the fact remains, they are both Eiffel Towers, and we are engaged!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And I am so very very happy for you both. I could not have picked a better man for you. And I LOVE how he loves bebo too.

I intend to get engaged when we go to Vegas in September. ~grins~ You better find me someone quick.

S. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh Camille I am SO happy for you!!! What a sweet engagement story!
Please let me know if you would like anything from over here as a wedding present - I would love to send you something once you decide colors for your home.
I send you a big hug and my very best wishes!!!

Gator World!! said...

Thank you Sarita! We had originally decided on lavender and sage green, but now I think that is up in the air too! I promise, I will keep all of y'all posted on all of our progress!

Ester said...




Bunny Bunster said...

Many best wishes for much happiness!!

Flutterby said...

I have to tell you how thrilled Kristen was to hear this; she just really liked you all SO much. If she could pick out a big sister, she'd pick you, lol. She just has this thing about people right off, she either likes them a lot or the vibes just aren't right and... nothing.
I loved seeing how much a part of the family Biker is already.

Dottie said...

Congrats! I wish you both much much happiness.

So? Ya'll gonna break dance down the isle? LOL!

Lots of love.

Flutterby said...

And I LOVE those butterflies...!!!

Spanky said...

Congrats! Birdman told me just before he went back to Amarillo. I'm so excited for you two!