Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Dream Come True

Oh yes everyone, a dream has come true for your truly. Let me give you a little back story.

Biker was at his former home last week, and he called me (of course), but this call was special. He called me to let me know that the WIENERMOBILE had been in no-where ville. I was standing in Braums with Mrs. WP at the time. I said, "WHAT???" He said that the Wienermobile has been in no-where ville at a tiny grocery store that they have there, and it was on the front page of the wasted paper gazette. You all know what kind of newspaper I am talking about. It is like every small town paper...talks about nothing...nothing important happened...high school football news....nothing...and some trees got killed.

So, I was like OMG, I need to call Mom Gator! So we got off the phone and I called my MG. The lovely fellow working the icecream counter at Braums informed us that the Wienermobile would be in the TX panhandle for 3 weeks. Now, how the Braums gentleman knew about the Wienermobile I have no idea.

MG, was of course ecstatic, cause it has been a life long dream of my MG's to see the Wienermobile.
*side notes* I saw the Wienermobile haulin wiener ass down I-40 about 2 days prior to this story. Biker and I tried to catch it, but alas...the wienermobile was too fast for us.

So, MG goes online to find the Wiener hotline...oh yes...there is a wiener hotline. They couldn't tell her a thing. Then she called the Big City Chamber of Commerce...they knew nothing either. I called a country radio station in town and they gave me all the wiener information I could use! Yep, the radio station ladies and gentleman...the radio station. Seems like the Braums guy knew what he was talking about.

So, the Wienermobile was going to be at United (two different locations) on Saturday. Of course, we went. We waited, and waited, and waited, for the Wienermobile to arrive for its last Wiener appearance for Saturday. And waited, and waited, and waited. Finally we went to the first United to see if the Wienermobile was just running late because of all the weiner fans that came out to see it.

Well, it wasn't at the first location, so we drove BACK across town to see if it had arrived. AND IT HAD!!! OMG, it was soo cool. The Wienermobile operators were super nice. They gave us coupons for...Oscar Myer wieners of course! They have these fiberglass hotdogs that are about 2 feet long, and a foot tall, and you "dress" them with your favorite magnet toppings and get your picture taken with the wienermobile for free.

It was so amazing, we had the best time! IDK is MG has downloaded our pics yet, but here are some Wienermobile picture to tide you over until I get copies of the others.

This is the super cool Wienermobile guy. He asked me to write down our blog addy's cause it would be considered media for them. Oh man, can you believe it someone other than my friends might be reading this!

This was the line for the Wienermobile pictures. I figure it wasn't too bad of a line considereing there was NO publicity about the Wienermobile coming to town.

This is the dash board of the Wienermobile. Seriously, the dashboard is giant hotdogs. How cool is that?!?!

This is their license plate. Again, how cool is this?!?! Oh yeah, I know you are all jealous as hell. Its ok, I will try to do a post before hand next time I found out that the Wienermobile is coming to town.


Flutterby said...

It was going too fast for you to catch up??? And thank you for keeping your mom under control. I didn't want to have to explain to hub that I had to zoom all the way out there to bail her out of jail for unruly behavior or accosting the weinermobile dude.

Biker said...

Oh I wished I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener. . . Not really I have 2 of ya'll in my life...LMAO!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL...that was the BEST weekend!!!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Awesome! I just read the post on your mom's blog!

The Horny Bitch said...

That is a big and cool equipment.

Bunny Bunster said...

Totall cool!!