Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose some people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Every morning when I get up, I try to make the bed while I am still in it. That way I don't have to exert as much effort once I get out of the bed.

2. Usually one of the first things I do when I come home is take my bra off. It bothers me. I kinds wish I had small boobs and didn't have to wear a bra.

3. I refuse to eat cooked carrots. If they were the last thing on earth to eat, I would starve to death. Seriously, I just don't like em.

4. Sometimes, I think about my life being a sitcom on TV, and I think of who I would want to play my role. I haven't cast it yet, but I am still thinking about it.

5. I love it when this girl at work does my hair with the hair straightener, but I can never get it as straight as she does. I think it is because she can see the back of my head.

6. I am addicted to Vampires and Sorority Life on Myspace. ~hangs her head~ My name is Camille and I am an addict.

7. Milk (the Cat) likes to wake me up in the mornings by standing on me and meowing really loudly.

8. I love working on my house. Like redoing it and stuff, not necessarily cleaning.

9. I do laundry ONCE a week. That's it. If it doesn't get washed on that one day, well...no bad.

10. I love to eat marshmallows. But I like to open the bag, and then leave it that way for a few days, and let the marshmallows get kind of hard. Yep, where they aren't crunchy, but they aren't soft.

11. I recycle, and I tend to get upset with people that don't. Like if you are here at my house, and you ask me where to put the coke cans or plastic bottles, and i tell you, then you need to put them where they go. It helps the environment people, come on.

12. Whenever I sit on the couch, I just end up laying down. Now this doesn't happen when I sit on the loveseat. Just the couch.

13. A friend of mine and I use to dress up our animals when we were little. We would cut holes in diapers to put their tails through, and make them wear baby doll clothes. Yep, that on is for you Jamie S.

14. I worry getting rid of things when I don't need them. But then I throw them out anyways (or recycle or take to Goodwill), because I am so worried about my house being cluttered.

15. I have to sleep with at least the sheet on me in bed at night, in case someone tries to get me. Yep, that's right that sheet will protect me. Nope, sorry Mr. Robber Man, you can't get me...see...I am under the sheet.

16. I hate it when people touch my elbows. I could tell you why, but you never know who is going to go and blab about these things, so if you are really that interested then e-mail me and I will tell you.

Ok, I tag...Mom Gator (of course), Rach, Bunny, It's a Wonderful, and Lorna. I cant wait to see y'all answers


SpookyRach said...

These are great! I'm glad you're a fervent recycler. And I too know the power of the sheet. Ghosts can't get ya either. It's like you're being protected by one of their own.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I do believe the sheet thing is a learned behavior....passed on for generations.

It's A Wonderful said...

You are so funny! I get the sheet thing. When I was a little girl, I'd pull the sheet up to my neck. I decided that if that bad guy came into my room to "get" me, he'd think I had no arms and would take pity on me. YIKES! Can you tell that I grew up on an island? So you tagged me, clever girl. I'm gonna have to think about this tonight.

Gator World!! said...

I did tag you. All three of you.

MG, I don't know what you are talking about...passed down from generations??? No...are you serious?

Wonderful, I love playing tag, except for when you have to run. I don't like that kind of tag.

The Horny Bitch said...

Arsenal is an English football team. Football in UK is soccer in US. =)

CarpeDM said...

I just like the sheet because I hate it when my legs touch each other. Plus, if there's a fire, the fire people will not be shocked by my nakedness!

I hate bras and wish that they were never invented. I'm constantly asking my roommate if I have to wear a bra when we go out in public (the answer is always yes, dang it).

I know not what you're talking about this Vampires Myspace thing but I love Vampires and sometimes secretly wish Spike was my boyfriend.

I need to know this elbow thing!

I'm using my blogger account info but I'm at wordpress now. Thanks for the comment!

Patti said...

We don't have a choice about recycling. It's the LAW! Punishable by a $500 fine for throwing out your water bottles (etc.).

Sarita said...

Hola Camille!
I am paying you a visit and you made me laugh! I will come back often so I can end my day with laughter :)