Monday, November 2, 2009

Too Long

This is my new child. He was healthy when I went to Wal-Mart. This is what he looked like when I finally left. His name is Clarence, I bought him for $2.50. Get it???

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

Ok, y'all I know every time I say that I am going to blog more. What can I say? Fall is a busy time of year for me. State comes to do my annual audit, and without a home manager everything has fallen on me. But, no worries. I have made it through one audit and one investigation on my own and just fine. So, now all I am wait for it H-town's audit and then we are free and clear for another year! YEAH!!!

Let's see...what to tell you all next. Wedding plans are coming along just great. We have booked the ceremony and reception venue, chosen a photographer, we have chosen the date, and I have bought the most beautiful dress ever! Well, it started out as a really pretty dress, but then Mom and I decided to change sometimes and NOW it is the most beautiful dress ever. I would post a pic, but Biker reads this, and I don't want him to see my dress. Like wise, he does not want to see the dress until the day of the wedding.

I have take three trips since I last blogged. One to Vegas with MG, and had a blast!!! One to Mrs. Wedding Planner's wedding, who I will from now on be referring to her as Doda. And one to OKC with MG, Mama, Doda, and Doda's Mom for a huge craft fair. We had a blast. Crafts were as far as the eye could see. Biker and Schwan's man didn't want to go, they kept calling it a fart and crap show. They are dorks...what can I say?

Other than that I guess not to terribly much has gone on. Wow, I'm boring. Lol. I will try in the future to blog more, there is just so much life going on right now, that it is hard to always sit down and tell about it. As soon as November is over I am in hopes to be able to calm down more, and be able to write. I have acutally been doing stuff that I want to tell you guys about.

I made candles the other day, just cause I love to do that. I am baking cookies, cause it is getting to be winter and the oven heats the house really nicely. And the main thing on my plate other than work work work is wedding, WeDdInG, WEDDING!!! In the future, I promise to be better about it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Dream Come True

Oh yes everyone, a dream has come true for your truly. Let me give you a little back story.

Biker was at his former home last week, and he called me (of course), but this call was special. He called me to let me know that the WIENERMOBILE had been in no-where ville. I was standing in Braums with Mrs. WP at the time. I said, "WHAT???" He said that the Wienermobile has been in no-where ville at a tiny grocery store that they have there, and it was on the front page of the wasted paper gazette. You all know what kind of newspaper I am talking about. It is like every small town paper...talks about nothing...nothing important happened...high school football news....nothing...and some trees got killed.

So, I was like OMG, I need to call Mom Gator! So we got off the phone and I called my MG. The lovely fellow working the icecream counter at Braums informed us that the Wienermobile would be in the TX panhandle for 3 weeks. Now, how the Braums gentleman knew about the Wienermobile I have no idea.

MG, was of course ecstatic, cause it has been a life long dream of my MG's to see the Wienermobile.
*side notes* I saw the Wienermobile haulin wiener ass down I-40 about 2 days prior to this story. Biker and I tried to catch it, but alas...the wienermobile was too fast for us.

So, MG goes online to find the Wiener hotline...oh yes...there is a wiener hotline. They couldn't tell her a thing. Then she called the Big City Chamber of Commerce...they knew nothing either. I called a country radio station in town and they gave me all the wiener information I could use! Yep, the radio station ladies and gentleman...the radio station. Seems like the Braums guy knew what he was talking about.

So, the Wienermobile was going to be at United (two different locations) on Saturday. Of course, we went. We waited, and waited, and waited, for the Wienermobile to arrive for its last Wiener appearance for Saturday. And waited, and waited, and waited. Finally we went to the first United to see if the Wienermobile was just running late because of all the weiner fans that came out to see it.

Well, it wasn't at the first location, so we drove BACK across town to see if it had arrived. AND IT HAD!!! OMG, it was soo cool. The Wienermobile operators were super nice. They gave us coupons for...Oscar Myer wieners of course! They have these fiberglass hotdogs that are about 2 feet long, and a foot tall, and you "dress" them with your favorite magnet toppings and get your picture taken with the wienermobile for free.

It was so amazing, we had the best time! IDK is MG has downloaded our pics yet, but here are some Wienermobile picture to tide you over until I get copies of the others.

This is the super cool Wienermobile guy. He asked me to write down our blog addy's cause it would be considered media for them. Oh man, can you believe it someone other than my friends might be reading this!

This was the line for the Wienermobile pictures. I figure it wasn't too bad of a line considereing there was NO publicity about the Wienermobile coming to town.

This is the dash board of the Wienermobile. Seriously, the dashboard is giant hotdogs. How cool is that?!?!

This is their license plate. Again, how cool is this?!?! Oh yeah, I know you are all jealous as hell. Its ok, I will try to do a post before hand next time I found out that the Wienermobile is coming to town.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me and Katie Holmes

I know the title is odd, but trust me you will understand at the end.

So we went to Vegas this past week. It was wonderful, we had a fantastic time. We went to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Exhibit at the Mirage.

It was WAY cool. While we were there, we went underground and you can see inside the tanks where they work with the dolphins, it must be the most awesome job ever! I swear!

We went to the Winn, which is much to expensive for us. But they has these beautiful statues of butterflys, so Biker took my picture.

We gambeled a little bit, mostly lost money. That's how it goes in Vegas. Apparently, Vegas wasn't built on winners. Who knew??? Lol.

I finally got to watch the Pirate show. This makes my third time to Vegas, and I have never seen the pirate show. Its called the Sirens At TI. It was really cool!!!

The next night we went to see Crazy Girls. The tickets were free with our room. I now see why. It is a topless review, which ok whatever. It is also, Vegas' longest running topless review, THAT I DO NOT SEE WHY!!!! The best part of it was the magician at intermission. I kid you not. Biker got up to go to the bathroom during the actual show. It was that great.

That afternoon Biker has me call The Paris to see what time the Eiffel tower closed. They told me that is closes at 12:30am. Which is 2:30am in Texas. After the terrible show, we got on the bus, which is the best money I have ever spent in Vegas, and was off to the Eiffel Tower. I also had a coupon, buy one ticket, get one free. Hey its like $12 a person to go up there, it was worth my coupon. So anyways, we are on the bus with the most awful bus driver in the world. He must hate his job, cause he pretty much told us that. It took forever to get to the Eiffel Tower, and Biker was just so anxious. He kept saying, can't he hurry up, we aren't going to make it. Please note, when Biker stated saying these things we has been on the bus approximately 10 minutes.

So we finally get to The Paris, we go buy our tickets, and the very nice lady says that yes the last tickets will be sold at 12:30 am. Oh, ok cool. And that we had an hour wait time. Fabulous! Anyways, we finally get up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was us and every Asian tourist in Vegas. And they all tried to put coins into the distance viewer thingys that had big signs on them that said "OUT OF ORDER". Those things should be called Quarter Eaters. Cause it took all their money, but gave them nothing in return.

Also, I would like for you to all note that it is approximately 900 million degree in Las Vegas in August. And we are 21 stories above the ground. It was HOT! And we stood up there forever. Then we would go look at the other side. We would stand there for a while, then we would go look at the other side. We would stand there for a while, AND then we would go look at the other side. This went on for 1 1/2 hours. At one point Biker's shoe came untied. Now, we have been together for a long time. I think nothing of this, so I tell him, put your foot up here and I will tie it. So he did, and I tied it.

Finally people started to clear off, and it was hot, and we had seen ever sight that you could possibly see from the Eiffel Tower in Las Vages. So, Biker turns to me and says "Baby Gator, I have a surprise for you." I said, "Ok". Then he got down on one knee and said, "Baby Gator, will you marry me?" I said "OMG, yes." Then we cried, he says he didn't cry, but he did. Don't tell him I said that. So there was only like 6 tourist, us and two employees left on the top, so they took our picture and told us congratulations, and we all went down to the casino. Where I got outside and promptly called my Mom Gator.

Also, I think the girl that took the picture was drunk, cause she took about three but they all had her finger it, so I finally just said, no that's good I will just crop your finger out of my pictures.

Biker kept saying, don't call Mom Gator it is 3:30 am Texas time, she didn't care. She was so happy too!!! Biker is loved by my family, and that is so important to me. Biker know this too, and he even went and talked to my Dad (granddad) to ask permission to marry me. My Dad told Biker that he already considers him family and that he would be proud to have me marry Biker.

So there you have it, I am like Katie Holmes, cause we both got engaged on the Eiffel Tower. There maybe a slight geographical difference, but the fact remains, they are both Eiffel Towers, and we are engaged!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And another month passes!

I know, I promised that I would start blogging more, and I have had every intention of doing so. And you see where that got me. Let's see what all has happened in a month.

We went to OKC, for the national HOG rally. We got to ride in the parade of Harley's it was so awesome. We met new friends, Deluxe, and his grilfriend type person (I haven't come up with a name for her yet, but she really isn't a key player in the story), Snooty, and her husband type person Spence.
This is me and Snooty. Aren't we so pretty!

This is Deluxe, Spence, and Biker. You can tell my Biker was tired. Lol, and maybe Spence was even sleeping.

This is Deluxe and his girlfriend (type person).

Deluxe has the same name as Biker, but it's spelled differently. Which is pretty cool. Spence and Biker were friends in High School. Ok, well that catches you up on the new peeps.

I am posting a pic of my favorite part of the parade. On one side the flag is attached to a building, on the otherside it is attached to a fireman's latter truck. All the fireman were standing by the truck in uniform, it was so awesome!!! Well, you can see that.

We went to the OKC zoo while we were there, and it was so cool. Everyone made fun of me for wanting to go to the zoo, but we had a great time. I found coupons that got us each in for $5. That was like a $4 per couple savings. I know, my name is Baby Gator and I am a coupon addict. I learned it from my Mom Gator, I can't help myself, coupons are a learned dependency for me. Lol! I love you MG!

We cooked at the HOG club last weekend. Biker smoked 4 briskets, and I made homemade peach cobbler. We just bought the rest of the fixins. It was WONDERFUL!!!!! About 40 people or so showed up and cleaned us out. I was great. Everyone loves peach cobbler done that way, and it is just so simple.

I kept Mrs. Wedding Planners animals, the boys, this past weekend while they were away on vacation. They were just so good...well....almost. Seems that we left brisket grease in a container a little to accessible. This was on day three. Well, seeing as how doggies can't just pop lids off, they chewed threw the container, and they ate the WHOLE thing of brisket grease. Mrs. WP kept apologizing to me, but I kept apologizing back, cause no telling what kind of digestive problems the boys are gonna have after that.

I also did not want to give back little dog. He was my snuggle buddy. They are seriously the easiest dogs in the world to baby sit. I kept furry paper weights, I swear. It was great. Oh and the best thing of all, Mrs. WP and the Schwans Man are thinking about moving to Happy-town. How cool would that be???

I also went to a Mary Kay party at Krista's house. It was so cool, everyone there was so nice to me, and the more people I meet in this town the nicer they are being. Its so cool. I didn't buy anything, but I had a blast, and met lots of neat people.

Next week we fly out again, and I am really looking forward to a vacation. Things haven't been going so bueno at work, but it's a hazard of the job I guess. Mrs. WP is thinking about applying for the home manager's position when it comes available, and I am so excited, cause we would get to work together more. Ok, well I am going to go for a while. I will take lots of pics next week, and I promise I will share them with all of you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy Cow It's Been Forever!

Hey everyone, I have no idea why it has been so long since I have written anything. Heck, its almost been years. So, I am going to give you a quick run down of how things have been going, and the real reasons why I haven't been on here.

  1. Lydi had surgery, it went great and that is so awesome!!! This also means that I have been having to do twice the work since she has been gone.
  2. Lydi is retiring...I am sad.
  3. People have gone crazy. I formerly thought these people were not crazy, but turns out....
  4. of course not my own, but I did work some and one of them was super awesome...the other one...well...I will tell you after it is settled.
  5. The (take over your life with all the weeding that you have to do) garden.
  6. Work...
  7. The stupid people at my work...
  8. Work...
  9. Riding the Harley.
  10. Facebook farming. If you facebook farm then you know what I am talking about!
So lots of super neat stuff have been going on. Still no full time job on the home front for Biker, but he did get PRN (as needed) work with WT! Who-hoo! WT...A&M...WT...A&M! Sorry that is a chant from back in the day...ah...memories.

I got to work at a wedding with Mrs. Wedding Planner and it was so super cool. I could so have a job just taking care of peoples wants and riding in a limo, as a matter of fact, if anyone knows of an opening for a position like that then I am available. Seriously...

Flutterby and her daughter came to see Mom and me. It was totally awesome! Mom rode on the Harley that night too. It was way cool. She is such a biker chick!

See, you are always suppose to wear your helmet.
Unless you are a bad ass Biker that gives up his helmet so his almost mother in law can wear it. Don't they both look so comfortable on a bike???

Ok, I also found this meat on sale at Wal-Mart, its called Pork Brisket. I had never heard of it and neither had Biker, but it was on sale for $0.75 a pound, so be bought a bunch of it. Turns out it is the meat that is on the end of ribs. WE LOVE RIBS!!! So, turns out...we love pork brisket. Biker has been smoking some of it for us, but now we are out of wood so we have to get some more wood so we can have somemore of the scrumptious meat. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

This is what is looked like when he first put it on the smoker.
This is the end product. OMG, it was SOOOOO good. We are making some to take to the 4th of July thingy at Mom's house.

This is what was left. What can I say? Don't come between a big girl and her meat. I will stab you, I am not even playing.

We also went to the river for Memorial Day, and took Baby Brother. We all had a blast!!! I have like 94 pictures of us at the river, so I will only post a few, because I am sure that you all have something to do other that read this blog.

Biker playing his harmonica that my Mama sent him. I called her and let her listen to him play. He can only play Taps...did I mention that???

My super totally awesome coolio Baby Brother. Who is taller than I am, and I am just so glad that he is MY brother and no one elses!

This is me, washing Biker's hair. I also washed Baby Brother's but no one got a picture of that. See...and no one believes me that they are spoiled!

These are my super dirty flip flops! I love to get dirty. Oh yeah, you know what I mean!!!

Ok, well that is all that I am going to share today. I should also let everyone know that I took my blog off private for a while, if I start getting stalked again then I will put it back to private, but it has been almost a year since all of that crap, so hopefully we are in the clear now.

I promise from now on I will try to blog more. The only reason I thought about it today was because I got a package from Sarita the other day, and she asked me to start blogging again, and Mrs. Wedding Planner called me a while ago and put in a request for a blog. So, I much ablidge my reading public. I love you all so much and have missed you. I hope that you will enjoy this posting, and again, I will really try to post more often!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy-round 2

So we had another round of weather this past week. I was at work and Biker was at the house, and everyone under the sun, bless their hearts, kept calling me to say "Now Gator, you should probably get on home." Which I did. I wish I had taken a picture of the storm that I drove into. It was crazy!!! I got home, and not 5 minutes later they started blowing the tornado sirens. Seriously, I made it just in time. Well the sirens went off for about 30 minutes in all. No tornado. So I called the city, they said they were told to blow the sirens of they were blowing them.

I guess people tend to be more cautious if there town has been almost destroyed before by a tornado. So we stayed in the basement for a while. That was fun. Roll call for basement activity: Gator here, Biker here, Patrick here, Dixie here, Milk here. Oh yeah. Let's get Patrick, Dixie and Milk in a small confined location for 30 minutes. That worked out well. So up we go.

I was exhausted from the whole day and week that I had had, so Biker told me to lay down and he would come get me if anything was going on. I was only suppose to get to sleep for an hour. Yeah that didn't happen. Work called no less that 15 times in 1 hour. Seriously.

So finally I was about to get up when Biker came in and said "Tulia (the armpit of Texas) got hit with what they are saying is a foot of hail. They are saying if you don't have to go to Tulia then don't. So you wanna go to Tulia???" Which of course I replyed sure.

So off we go. And I took pictures along the way so that I could blog about it.

Also, I can't figure out how or why all of this is underlined. I tried to turn it off and it won't. So sorry y'all.

This is right outside of Happy, there is standing water EVERYWHERE!!!

People were stuck in the bar ditches, and everything. We were going to pull them out, but no one was in the car. Who gets out of the car in a hail storm?
They had to get out the snow plows to get all the hail off of the roads. Yep, y'all this is hail not snow.
We were stuck in this long line of vehicles for a while, but we turned around, drove north in the south bound lane, finally found was is suppose to be an on ramp, we used it as an off ramp, and got on the access road. And then I took pics of all the silly people still stuck in line.

We went on into Tulia, and saw this truck being all sorts of stuck. They had a big wrecker there to pull him out. Biker preceded to tell me all of the things that the driver probably did wrong, and how he would have done it. Or the other possibility was that the road washed out and the driver got stuck.
He was really stuck. This guy was stuck too. But, if you look closely it would have been the prefect place to unload. No ramps needed.

This is the poor Ford house. It got blown away about 3 years ago by a tornado. Now it got the crap beat out of it by hail. If I owned this building I would would move my business. It's just bad karma there.

We saw these hard core bikers at the rest stop. HARD CORE I tell ya! These are the true bikers of the world. Rain, snow, hail, whatever they are like the postal system, nothing will stop them! Freedom at its finest.

This is our bike. Safe and sound at home in the garage, with the tarp over it so it doesn't get water or dust on it. Did I mention we were in Biker's pickup? Turns out we aren't hard core.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Man the wind has been TERRIBLE here! We tried to take pictures, but they wouldn't turn out right. The wind has been so bad that the weather man even came on tv and said travel around Happy and I-27 was STRONGLY discouraged!

Other than the crazy wind, it has been a pretty good day. We got up this morning and went into Amarillo to donate blood, because I feel that is just the thing to do. I mean, what if it is me that needs blood next time? I hope some generous soul has donated so that I can be saved. Anyways, enough of my soap box.

We donated the blood, and when I say WE I really mean I donated blood. Biker tried but bless his little heart, he just couldn't fill up the bag. Bon Bon donated, Mr. Bean donated, Mr. Bean's girlfriend donated, and so many more. I am so proud of everyone.

So tonight, the most fabulous couple, Wedding Planner and the Schwan's Man are coming over tonight for brisket and games. They are bringing a game called "Inappropriate Questions" (I think that is what it's called), and we just bought Scattegories and Taboo at a garage sale on Friday.

Speaking of super awesome finds at garage sales, we got a Food Saver and 8 rolls of the bags that go with it for $3. One roll usually costs more than $3. The actual machine ranges from $85-129.99 on e-bay. I just looked! CRAZY HUH?!?! And people call me cheap. I am not cheap I am just frugal.

~whispers~ I get the 'frugalness' from my Mom Gator. She is so totally awesome she bought a pair of boots one time with just the money she saved from using coupons. I swear!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know its been forever!

Ok, so I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post a new entry. What can I say? I am lazy. I have been sick off and on with bronchitis and now a tummy bug. It has been no fun.

Lot's of exciting things have happened since I posted last. Biker and I and some friends went to Red River to go skiing, even though I don't ski. Biker had a fabulous time swishing up and down the slopes. I got to sled. We couldn't figure out how to get my flash to work on the camera. But I was sledding one time buy a big-o-sign that said "ABSOLUTELY NO SLEDDING". What can I say, I am a rebel.

Then I cut my hair. I know I know I know. Please no one freak out. It wasn't that much. Well, to me it seemed like a ton, but it was really only like 4-6 inches. I got it layered and some swooshy bangs. Not real bangs, but not like before. Oh heck just look at the picture.
This is right before I cut my hair.

This is all of the hair that got cut off.
This is my hair now. Isn't it fabulous??? It feels so much lighter. And it is way easier to take care of. I mean, I know that I didn't chop it all off or anything, but I really like it.

State has been to one of my homes again. I have to tell you that was a blast. ~rolls her eyes~

Then things took a little bit of a turn. Biker lost his job on the 12th of March. It is really sad. There are good things that are coming out if this situation though. He will finally be out of Pampa (eventually-which is something I really never thought would happen). So he has been on the hunt for a new job. He tried his hand at burlesque dancing, but it just didn't work out.

He has met many fabulous people on his quest for a new career. My favorite person that he has encountered thus far is a man he sat next to at unemployment orientation. This man had probably not had a bath since running water was invented and I kid you not...was wearing a salmon pink tuxedo shirt. ~blink blink~ Seriously. This man we will call him Mr. Fishman, not only because of the super fancy shirt he was wearing but also because he smelled like one. Did I mention that is was like 89 degrees on this day, and the air conditioner at the unemployment center does not work???

Mr. Fishman, who I unfortunately do not have a picture of, wanted to befriend my dear Biker. Mr. Fishman searches the room for the perfect spot to hear the lecture that is about to begin...luckily there is a seat right next to Biker. So Mr. Fishman sits down, and precedes to tell Biker that it isn't his fault that he is unemployed. Apparently Mr. Fishman got into a physical altercation with another "gentleman" at the City of Wind and Dust, and since the other "gentleman" had 30+ years with the city and Mr. Fishman was apparently a newbie he was let go. I can't imagine why......
Next, Mr. Fishman tells Biker how no one will pay for an experienced forklift operator. He has 30+ years as a forklift operator and no one will pay him for his experience. As a matter of fact, he went to the local meat packing plant and applied to be a forklift operator. He even took the written test and passed. Then Mr. Plant Manager asked Mr. Fishman to get on the forklift and "show him what he's got". So Mr. Fishman obliges. After only a few moments on the forklift Mr. Plant Manager starts yelling at Mr. Fishman to get off the forklift, because (and this is a direct quote), "you just know too much, you're already fired". And Mr. Fishman SWEARS this has happened to him not only once...but TWICE. Yeah, ok......

There was also an almost altercation in the class that Biker was in, but that is a story for another time!

So as you can see, I have been super busy collecting great stories like this one to share with you all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The suspense will just kill you!

Ok everyone, I am sorry that I am just now getting all of the pics up from the swap. I had a blast as always!!! Here are all of the fabulous pics that I took.

Me tying to cut open the package.

Still trying to cut open the package. Rev Kim is one good taper!!!

A Valentine's day card! How cool is that!

And it's pink my favorite color!

I just love this gift bags. They were so cute. But wait until you see what is inside of this one!!!

Do do do do do do do, do do do do dut do do a do a do do do do do do do ...dut da dut dut dut dut dut. That is the Jepordy theme song if you type it out.

Skitles and Star Bursts!!! My absolute favorite candies1!! Oh, how did she know????

Tons of sugary goodness. I am in Heaven.

Wait, what is this??? Another bag?

Hand Sanitizer, a girl in my job can never have to much of this!

A magnet from her home state of Wyoming. It isn't the best pic, because the flash kept reflecting off of it.

Oh candles! You all know how I just love candles.

This is shower gel. Sorry, I had already uploaded all of the pics before I realized it.

I just love Burt's Bees Waz stuff. It is just all so cool.

And now for some Pantypalooza pics.

I only had to do for 10 women and 2 kiddos this year. So I was able to fill all of my gift bags super full.

This is a shot of the whole box sitting on my messy messy desk. I just love Panty palooza. It is so much fun!

A close up of one of the bags.

Another close up of the bags.

Oh wait, what is this? Me eating some skittles. Well, of course.

A skittle tried to get away. I hunted him down like the dirty skittle he is. And then threw him in the trash can, you shouldn't eat stuff off of the floor anyways, but especially not at my work.