Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This totally awesome site!

Hey everyone! I know I know I know, its been forever again. I really do have good reasons this time.
  1. State has been here off and on for the past month. YUCK!!!
  2. Biker had to have surgery. Well, he finally had surgery. We tried once and it didn't work and then he had to go back. I told him I could do it for him, but he said no. I said I have a master's degree and I could read up on it on the internet, and I am pretty sure I could just get that gallbladder right out of there for him. He still said no. I can't figure it out!
  3. Paw died.
  4. And I painted the living room what I thought would be a really pretty green color. Turns out I was wrong.
  5. I have been re-painting the living room. I only have the primer on now. I just finished that. I will start on the color tomorrow probably.
So, anyways, Mom Gator called me last night and told me about this totally awesome blog that she reads and I want everyone to go look at the really cool things that she makes. And she is giving something away tomorrow. So you have to hurry. He name is It's a wonderful and she is fabulous!!! So go check her out, and sign up for the wristlet. BIKER, I REALLY LIKE THE WRISTLET SO YOU SHOULD SIGN UP!!! HINT HINT!