Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh yeah!

Hello everyone, awesome things happened yesterday and I wanted to tell you about them.

  1. I put in a light fixture all by myself. Then Biker, Lydi, Mama, and bunches of other people were like are you sure you know how to do that. Well of course I didn't know how to do it, but I can read directions and I know to turn the electricity off at the breakers, so there you have it. I put up a light fixture all by myself.
  2. The light fixture apparently wasn't the problem. It was the switch. Dammit. Well, Off goes the electricity again, and I pulled the old switch out, went BACK to Wal-Mart and got another switch, came home and put it in. Oh yeah I kick butt and take names.
  3. It works! The back porch light works again! I am so awesome. When I called Mama to tell her that I was a genius, she agreed with me. Mom Gator was a little more on the sarcastic side, but that's ok. When she picked up the phone I said, "Mom, I am a genius!" She said, "Uh hhhuuuhhh?" I am taking that as sarcasm. But one of us knows how to replace a light fixture now. I am pretty sure my Mom has always known how. Anyways, she always told me that I can do anything I put my mind too. Well I did it!
  4. I put up the new curtain in my middle bedroom last night. It looks awesome. Its a chocolate brown satin. I need to cut it off a little, but I got it up there. With a new curtain rod. Oh yeah!
  5. I put in baseboards in my kitchen last night. Well, not all of them are in, I still need to do the part behind the stove and the part by the refrigerator. Then that will be done.
  6. I painted my living room last week, and then the ceiling on Sunday night. So I put all of the electrical plates back on last night. You know, all of the light switch covers and plug in covers. Yep, that's done.
  7. And I did the laundry. I think that is about it.
  8. Oh wait, one more thing. I chatted with an old friend from High School last night too. It was fun I haven't really talked to her in forever!
But anyways, it was a totally awesome night. Today is going to be just as great I know it! Ok, well I better get to work. We have to go to H-town to do some work on the house there to get ready for state to come and sudit us this month.

Also, everyone please remember to pray for my Paw, he still isn't doing so great. Also, for my friend Jaci, they dont know what is wrong, but she is in the hospital!

Ok, so thanks a million everyone. I hope you hav a super great Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey everyone,
I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder to go and vote today. Why, you may ask? Because its ELECTION DAY!!! Yes, after today (hopefully) all this election crap with be over! YEAH!!!! I am going to go vote and probably get a sticker that says I voted. You all know how I love stickers.
*side note* I always get a sticker when I go to the dentist.
Ok, so now...what are you all going to do today if you haven't already done it because some of you are over achievers? VOTE. Make your voice count.

Ok, also wanted to send a shout out to Elastigirl. I got your package and it is totally wonderful. In my package I got three really cool jack-o-lantern candle holders (and y'all all know how I love candles and candle holders), and some fabulous fruity candy (because Baby Gators don't eat chocolate), a really cool spider decoration, and some really neat black garland with orage spiders on it. I totally loved all of it!!! Way to go Elastigirl.

Ok, everyone, I am fixing to leave for work. Now again, don't forget. GO VOTE!!!