Friday, September 26, 2008

I was tagged!!!

Yes, I always think it is so cool when someone tags me for a meme. Does that make me a nerd? Probably. Ok, so anywho the 6 unremarkable things about me...hhhmmm...let me think.

  1. I have to sleep with lots of pillows. i have to have two under my head, and one on either side of me. I do this because its like someone is sleeping in bed with me and I can just roll over and throw my arm over this "pillow person". Plus I have been known to take a pillow or two away from sleeping people. You do not know these people so please do not ask for their names to verify my story.
  2. I sing to myself loudly in the car. This is mostly when I am by myself with the windows up. But sometimes, I sing loudly when other people are with me. I told Lydia that she was never going to get to be my back up singer when I became famous if she didn't practice. We were singing to Johnny Cash. I just love Johnny Cash. And Conway Twitty. And Cal Smith...Ok ok ok I digress.
  3. I don't really like to wear shirts with sleeves. I mean short sleeves are ok, I will wear them. But like long sleeve t-shirts....oh no ma'am!!! I don't like it being all tight around my wrists. I'm a dork. I know.
  4. I love to mow my lawn. I really do. I put my I-pod in, and climb on the riding mower and just go out and cruise the lawn. I don't look forward to the day when I don't get to do that. i mean like yeah sometimes its a pain, because the grass grows so fast, but I just love to cruise in the sunshine. I equate it to having a convertible with the top down.
  5. I like to name some of my giraffes. Just some of them. My favorite ones have names. My favorite favorite one is Geoffery. I think Mom gave him to me. When you press his ear he sings "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys-r-us kiiiiiiiiiddddddd." It's so cool.
  6. I prefer to drink out of a straw. No matter what I am drinking. Well, ok not like hot chocolate or something. But anything cold. Water, Tea, Coke, whatever...I just like to drink out of a straw.
Ok, now I get to tag people. How cool is that. Usually I am the last one to play. Ok, I tag...Bunny Bunster, Spooky Rach, and Human Being (as she prefers to be called now.)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Wow, I know again it has been all to long since I have posted anything. You should all flog me. Or maybe not. Things have been going pretty well around the Gator household. I have been doing this Bio-Feedback thing, with my friends Herbs and it is working wonders for me. If anyone wants to know more about that just let me know and I will send you her e-mail address.
I went to WT yesterday to get a copy of my transcript, because I am applying for a few jobs at AC and they wanted to know how many undergraduate hours I had in a certain area. Well of course I didn't know, so off to WT we went to get a copy of the old transcript. Being on campus again made me miss it so much. What is crazy though is that we went into Old Main. I only had one course in Old Main, so it didn't bring back memories of my college days. I remember when Mom Gator was going to school and sometimes she would let me go with her, most of her classes were in Old Main. She would wake me up in the morning and say Baby Gator do you want to skip school today and go to school with me? Of course I would. College was WAY more cool that Jr. High. So off we would go. The building smells just the same as it did back then. Do you ever feel like millions of memories flash back at you all at once and all you can do is smile? That was me yesterday.
So anyways, we get the transcript and we go back to the Jeep. And then I said something i never ever thought I would say in my whole entire life. There goes a guy on a Unicycle being chased by a Bobcat. Read it again...there goes a guy on a Unicycle being chased by a Bobcat. Yep that's what I said. Seriously. This guy goes riding by on a Unicycle, which was impressive enough on its own. But behind him in a guy in a Bobcat. It's one of those machines that looks like a small front end loader. He was right on the Unicycle guys butt. As if riding a Unicycle isn't tough enough, now you have to out "run" something. I was a bit worried for him, but he got away.
I have tons of pics that I need to post. One is of my new trophy, that I got at the 105th Anniversary of Harley. I got it for spitting gummy bears into a bucket. I am the gummy bear spitting champion of the world. Ok ok ok. Really I am the gummy bear spitting champion of the HOG club. Alright, alright, alright. Geez, I am really the 2nd place gummy bear spitter in the Amarillo HOG club. It doesn't sound as fancy when I have to put it like that. I got a trophy and everything. I called my Mom and all she could say was, "Well I am glad that your education didn't go to waste." Lol.