Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday!

What a great day it has been! Seriously, no sarcasm implied. It really has been a great day. Yesterday sucked, last week sucked, but those days are gone now. I had a fantastic day, and so I thought I would throw out some things that I am thankful for.

  1. Having a marvelous day with Lydi!
  2. Biker, for listening to me cry last night.
  3. Mom Gator, for being the best Mom ever!!!
  4. The photographer.
  5. Awesome hair!
  6. Weinershnitzel (sp?)
  7. My Jeepy!
  8. A new comforter set that I got last week at a garage sale. I got the comforter, bed skirt, fitted sheet, top sheet, two pillow cases, and two pillow shames for $10. Can you believe that, $10!!! It's in the dryer now.
  9. My life, I wouldn't trade it with anyone in the world!
  10. You, I am thankful for all of you!!!
I had a great day with Lydi. First, I wrote out some checks and got them in the mail. Then I went and got Lydi and we went to the dr's office to have my blood drawn. The we went to the Asian market and I bought some of those jell-o cups that we all like so much. Then we went to Weinershnitzel (sp?) and I got two chili dogs with onions. They were just great!!! Then the photographer called me to set up a time, and I just got finished with that, so I thought I would write to you all for a quick minute. Life has been great today. I think I will go vacuum now. Love you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I need to clarify!

Hey everyone, I know my last blog was a bit of a downer. I am really sorry about that. I let somethings get to me that I shouldn't have. Well, I actually let some people get to me that I shouldn't have. I have always know that there are some people out there that are just meanie heads. Which is not cool! So anyways, I wanted to post about some of the great things that are happening in my life right now.
  1. Biker thinks he might be pregnant. We are super excited. Hey if I can't get pregnant right now he might as well do it for me. ~giggles~ He actually has had a bit of the tummy bug, but still I think its funny to say he might be pregnant. When I kid him about it he always says that he is having a baby elephant, and then asks if I want to see the trunk. Wait for that to sink in and you will get it.
  2. My boss finally left today, which was a huge blessing. She also told me that my books were in wonderful shape and that she feels really confident about State coming in to audit us. I was totally excited. People in my company never tell you that you are doing a good job, and by her saying that it is the closest thing to a complement that I have gotten from anyone in management since I have been there. I WILL TAKE IT!!!
  3. Tall Girl, Mohawk, Little G, sister of Tall Girl, and friend of sister of Tall Girl all came over for pizza last Friday. When Biker got here, Mohawk fell to pieces. She is in love with Biker and Biker is in love with her. She sat next to him on the couch and would raise up his shirt to give him raspberries on his tummy, and then stick her finger in his belly button and say "Biker's belly button?!" Then she would take his finger and pull it towards her own tummy and say "Poke it! Poke it!" This game went on for over and hour. We all laughed and laughed.
  4. Lydi took my can of mixed nuts from my desk home with her, and then griped to her son that she couldn't find any cashews in the can, it was all peanuts, almonds (which I don't eat), pecans, and Brazil nuts. She didn't think I would find out. Well, I called her house to talk to her about something (I don't remember what now) and Mr. Mellow told me the story. So I asked her about it today, and she was like how did you know??? We had a really great laugh about it.
  5. Four year olds with sunglasses can be some of the cutest kids ever. This one is for you MD, because I am not the only one that likes those, everyone likes those. Gummy worms for everyone!!!
I love you all so much. Thank you for being worried about me. I promise I am fine. Sometimes, i just lose track of what is important. Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe we can give some of those peanuts that Lydi has to the baby elephant that Biker is going to have?!?!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been so very long my friends!

Well, hello everyone. I feel like I have been away from you all for so long. So much has happened and is happening, that there is just so much to tell you. I have really been struggling this week to be thankful for things and to not be angry. A lot of junk has happened and I have had to do a lot of praying to get past somethings. Ok, not past them, just not as angry about them. There are a couple of points I would like to make before I do my beloved thankful list that I have been doing for so long.
  1. If you didn't hear it from me, then you don't know what the crap is going on. Trust me, you think you know. You may even be positive you know, but trust me you don't have a clue.
  2. I am not going anywhere. This is my home for now, and I intend to stay here until I get ready to leave.
  3. I have had to make a lot of really hard decisions lately. I know some of you may not see it as that, but when you are an adult somethings have to be sacrificed in order to save other things. It really sucks but that is life.
  4. I heard along time ago that if you are upset with someone you should pray for them. And truly mean it. WOW, that one's hard!!! I have been praying blessings on three people, and I am pretty sure its the hardest things I have ever had to pray for.
Ok, so enough ranking, or complaining or whatever you want to call it. I started this blog last night, but I got too tired to finish it. Well, I was tired and I found myself wanting to type mean things to people and that just won't do! When I start to think ugly things about those people...I start to pray. ~ponders to herself...wonder if the Lord is getting tired of hearing about it?!?!~
So without further ado, here is my thankful list.

  1. My wonderful friends. The ones that are truly my friends, they know my secrets, they listen to me when I am upset, and they hurt with me when I am hurt. i could never have asked for better friends than you. Thank you so much.
  2. My Mom, who will laugh with me when things are so stupid, when people are being stupid, and when I don't know that she had clicked over on her phone and I am just still talking away.
  3. My sweet wonderful Biker, that always defends me. You can be a giant nerd sometimes, like when you changed your song on myspace to Ray Stevens "The Streke" but that's ok. I love you anyways.
  4. Tall Girl and the babies. I LOVE WATCHING THE BABIES!!! Even if Mohawk keeps asking for Biker. And Little G bites my nose. They are precious, and I love them so much!
  5. My Silly Silly Silly Lydi!!! She is fun, and funny, and a great friend.
  6. A surprise that I have been keeping for a long time is about to come out.
  7. My animals that are always so happy to see me.
  8. My baby brother that is growing into such a wonderful guy. I love him so much.
  9. My fantastic house. That I am not leaving, unless it is to better myself or my family.
  10. You, I am thankful for you! I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the sunshine and hopefully the clouds that will be drifting over.