Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Good Morning!!!

Isn't it a beautiful morning? This birds are chirping, the sun is shinning and Cookies peed on the love seat. And I had to clean it AGAIN!!!! Does anyone want a slightly used cat? That started off the morning just peachy. But that is ok. I am happy today is Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday, and all of those who know me know what that means. Garage Sale Day!!! I am so excited. I always get excited about garage sale day. We get to work super early (for us) get all of our work done and hit the sales. We are serious shoppers. And if we don't bargain with you then it hasn't been a good shopping day.

Well, I have to hurry today, because Bossman and Head-O-Nurses is coming into look at charts today. Ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

  1. My life. What a sweet life it is!!!
  2. My family, I could never have asked for a better one!
  3. Biker, what a dork, but my dork.
  4. My job, that allows me to have so much fun sometimes. Others....well we won't talk about that.
  5. My house, it may not be the Ritz, but it's mine.
  6. My Mom's new house. It's totally awesome!
  7. A good friend trusting me enough to watch her babies over night while she works. I know she doesn't trust a lot of people to watch her kids, and that makes me feel really good.
  8. My fantastic hair. Oh yeah, no matter how hard people try, they just don't have hair as cool as mine!
  9. Arol coming to mow my backyard, because I don't have a push mower. Yo uhave no idea how much that means to me Arol. I love you!!!
  10. To have been born an American. ~slowly stands as the national anthem is played. Places her right hand over her heart~ We are very blessed to have the freedoms that we have here and I am thankful for that. ~singing For the land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

That's how we roll......

Hey everyone, I know I am running a little late with the Thursday post. It was a super busy day at work today, in fact, it has been busy at work all week!!! So here are a few pics from last weekend. It was major busy too. First we had a Harley vs. Honda blood drive at the HOG room, just so you know Harley kicked butt! Of course. The radio station was out there doing a broad cast and everything. Out of 90 someodd people that came we were able to get 89 pints of blood. Only 9 Honda riders showed up!!! And one of them just signed in and left. Can you believe that?!?! Anyways, then we went to Wonderland for Titan Family Days (that's the company Biker works for. Titan not Wonderland.). Then we went to a Dillas game, and then to Doc Holiday's to watch our friend's band play. It was a long long long day. But we had loads of fun!!! Here are a few pictures.

Bad Ass Biker Chicks were Neoprene Hair Thingys.

Bad Ass Biker Chicks also were hair bows so that they look nice and like a bad ass all at the same time.

HD Fan gave blood. I am proud of him.

Biker gave blood and he didn't even cry!

They even needed Gator blood!!! So I gave. Of course!!! I, like Mom Gator, am O- and apparently that is a really rare type of blood. Almost everyone can use it, but O- people can only get O- blood if they need a transfusion.

Ok, without further ado, my thankful list. Because you guys know that I post one every Thursday, just like always. (geez, I am so predictable!)

  1. People that give blood. You never know who you are going to help. I am super proud of Biker, because he is a big woosey (he is afraid of needles. Yes, he does have two large tattoos and both of his ears pierced!), and he gave blood anyways.
  2. Mom Gator, for making me laugh!!! How was that lemonade???
  3. Teacher, for saying that I am the Junior Leaguer of Bikers. Lol!!! She is so funny.
  4. Tomorrow being Friday, the next day being Saturday, and Thank you Lord the next day being Sunday so I can take these damn poodles home.
  5. Lydi's vacation.
  6. Air conditioning.
  7. The Jeepy getting all spiffied up!!!
  8. A new giraffe picture.
  9. Bunches of stuff for panty-palooza.
  10. Dog kennels, king size beds, and 7 pillows all to myself.
  11. And you!!! I am thankful for you!!!
So come on everyone. What are you thankful for??? You should at least be thankful for one thing, post it in my comments or send me an e-mail. I love you all!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Trip to Tulsa

As many of you know, Biker and I, and our friends went to the HOG rally in Tulsa, OK over the 4th of July weekend. We had a blast. i am going to try to keep this post somewhat short, so I will just post some pics for you.

The make shift slow race.

Mr. HD Fan looking like he has to poop.

Biker just hanging out in the hotel lobby.

This just captures the essence of MR. HD Fan.

Me as a bad ass biker chick. Biker trying hard, but we all know he is just a wanna be. He isn't hardcore like me.

My Metrosexual Biker.

Us at the Karaoke Bar in the hotel we stayed at.

Biker changing out our headsets, because mine was awesome and his sucked. So I gave him mine, it's because I am such a wonderful girlfriend.

Mr. Bean, yep...I couldn't have taken a better pic of him. If you know this man then you understand how perfect this picture it.

The bathroom sign in Clinton, OK. The place didn't even have mirrors, it was polished steel. I kid you not.

Bones the pool shark.

Rara the rapper.

The water balloon toss.

Rara the pitcher, he is a jack of all trades ladies and gentlemen.

The winners of the water balloon toss. It was a tie.

The guys singing karaoke. I don't remember the song, but it just had to be fantastic.

Biker and I giving a little sugar. I have no idea why the pic is so small I got it off of shutterly. The next few pics will be this small, maybe you can click on it and make it bigger. I don't know. Heck if it is that important to you I will just e-mail you the dang link to the pics online.

Me, Bones, and Honeydew, and some other random people and a giant penis. Or as Biker would say a Wenis.

Bones and Constable.

Bones and Mr. HD Fan. Apparently she just posed in every picture we took?!?!

Honeydew and Bones.

Honeydew's boobies. I don't know who took this one. Probably her husband Mr. HD Fan.

The lovely couple.

Alright, there are most of the pics from the trip. I am going to go ahead and put up my thankful list, so that I don't have to rush around in the morning.

  1. A safe trip to and from Tulsa
  2. My family, they are always so supportive of me
  3. My Mom Gator that lovingly snaps me back into reality
  4. Biker, for just listening to me be upset
  5. Bones, she is turning out to be a really great friend
  6. Karaoke...i just love Conway Twitty
  7. Paint
  8. Freedom
  9. Lydia and I just goofing off this week
  10. You, I am thankful for you. Each and every one of you!!! I love you all so much!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vroom Vroom!!!

I am totally excited. Today is the day I leave to go to P-town (home of Biker), and we will leave for the Oklahoma State Rally tomorrow morning. By this time tomorrow we will already be on the road. Y'all know how I just love getting up that early. We aren't dragging the trailer behind the bike so I had to pack super light. I packed everything I am taking in a 2 gallon ziploc baggie. No kidding. ~thinks to herself~ man that was a lot of stuff to pack in such a little bag.

We will put all of the rain gear in one saddle bag, all of my stuff in the other saddle bag, and his C-pap machine and my purse in the tour pack. He will then bungee his bag on the tour pack. Hey Mom did you like how I put it today, lol??? The bike didn't get washed last night like it was suppose to because a storm went through P-town. So tonight we will have to wash the bike, shamee (sp?) the bike off, buff it, and whatever else you have to do. And I use we as a relative term, what I really mean is Biker. And when I say we aren't dragging the trailer, I really mean Biker. I will just pretty much be a passenger on this trip. I like it that way.

I will get a bike someday, maybe a Trike?!? I am not sure yet. Heck with the price of gas going up the way it is I might have to just invest in a horse. Lol.

So anywho, here is my thankful list for today. Don't forget to be thankful for something you silly heads!!!

  1. My Mom Gator, that will laugh with me when I say something totally innocent and not meaning it dirty, but it comes out that way. She doesn't laugh at me, she laughs with me. Most of the time.
  2. The new Gator house. OMG, you should all see it!!! It is totally awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME I TELL YOU!!!
  3. Biker, for just listening last night.
  4. My friends, you all kow who you are and you all mean the world to me.
  5. Tall Girl's small ones. Especially since the oldest, almost 2 now, calls Biker her bad biker. He let her fall off of the floatee and into the pool. She has called him Bad Shawn ever since.
  6. A job that pays the bills. There might not be a lot left over, but at least i am getting by.
  7. My animals, even if I do want to through Cookies off of the roof sometimes.
  8. My new used I-pod. Still!
  9. A wonderfully sweet comment from Flutterby. Thank you so much, you don't know how much that meant to me.
  10. Donye-girl. She just called me out of the blue on Tuesday, just to see what I was doing.
  11. You! I am thankful for you!
So what are you thankful for. Come on you know you are thankful for at least one tiny little thing.