Thursday, June 26, 2008

In a hurry, gotta get to work...

Few thankful's and then I am on my way to work....I know you're jealous. I can feel it!
  1. Mom Gator's awesome new house. Cause it rocks!
  2. My new water softening system. It's awesome too!
  3. My family.
  4. My co-workers-most of them.
  5. The people at the Wal-Mart on Grand.
  6. My awesome hair.
  7. All the magazines I have to read that Mom Gator brought me.
  8. The rain.
  9. My animals.
  10. You, I am thankful for you.
What are you thankful for???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When in Doubt Do Research

Ok, well I have been a bit upset lately because everywhere you look there are babies. I love babies!!!!! But by a cruel twist of fate I may not be able to conceive. Turns out I have what they call Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Well Shoot! If they had let me in on this little secret when I was 19, I would not have been that upset. There seems to be something about if they tell you that you can't have something, then you just want it more.

So, I decided to do a little research. If college taught me anything, it's if you don't know about something then look it up. So, upon not being able to sleep again last night, I did a little research, laundry, and picked up the house. And when I say a little research I mean about 200 websites on this.

Here are a few fun facts for your viewing pleasure.
  1. They don't know what the cause of PCOS is.
  2. There is no cure for PCOS.
  3. People with PCOS have a higher rate of miscarriages in the first trimester.
  4. PCOS makes it where you don't absorb insulin like you are suppose to, kinda like diabetes but not. At least for that there is medicine.
  5. LOSE WEIGHT!!!! Every website said this. EVERY WEBSITE!!! I wanted to be like so....are you talking to me, or others. Lol. so, at 6:30 this morning I rolled my fat hinney out of bed, got ready(makeup, hair, dressed, and fed animals) and I am about to head off to the park in C-town to walk.
Now please understand that i know walking one day will not change anything. I get that. Tried that before. Lol. It didn't work. I don't know if anyone will remember the commercial that I am talking about, but its where the really big guy is in the gym, he weighs himself, then runs around the room, and jumps back on the scale. I think it was a credit commercial, but that big black fellow in the commercial is symbolic of me. So, here is the plan. I had time to think, you know because of that whole I am giving up sleeping thing.
  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Doesn't matter what kind of exercise, just exercise, I can commit to 30 minutes 3 times a week. Maybe we will pump it up more as time goes on...don't hold your breath.
  2. Cut back on refined foods, which aren't good for you anyways. I am not making any promises to cut these things out. That isn't going to happen.
  3. Put more veggies and fruit in my daily life. Not like "Hey Pineapple, what are you doing?" I mean in my food consumption category. We aren't calling it a diet. I say "Nay Nay" to diets.
So, today I am thankful for so many things....
  1. First, my fabulous new IPod. My baby brother gave it to me. Mom Gator gave it to him. She won it online. You see the chain here???
  2. Wonderful people that will listen to me be really angry on the phone, because stupid people call you and tell me stuff that makes me want to throw my shoe at their head.
  3. My awesome pool. If it would quit storming at night then I would swim more. I love the rain, but not the lightning if you are trying to swim....something about electricity...I don't know.
  4. Hilarious stuff on my new IPod.
  5. A super cool Jeep.
  6. Contacts.
  7. My house being clean.
  8. My Mom Gator getting her tooth fixed.
  9. You, I am thankful for you.
What are you thankful for today? Let me know. I love you all!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just a few things and then I am off to work...

Mom Gator's house is coming right along. Baby Brother and I surprised her the other day, and we went over and painted and she didn't even know. Hahaha, silly Mom Gator. We left her taking a nap at the town house, and we were gone. Lol, she had no idea.

I got something super fun yesterday, I will post pics of it in a week or so. You will all be excited too!!!

They laid my Mamaw Patsy to rest on Tuesday. I am still working on being happy about this. I know she is so happy now. I love you Mamaw.

A good friend of mine came to apply for a job at one of the homes that I run, and of course she got accepted. I am totally excited about that. It is really fun to work with people that you like.

I bought three new pairs of shorts yesterday, and they are all WAY to big on me. I have to return then, because I can slide them off without even having to unbotton or unzip them. How funny is that???

An old friend may be making itself know. By medical intervention of course, but hey i will take that. Beggars can't be choosers.

I am working on a really cool new picture holder thing. I saw it in a magazine, and I thought I can do that!!! So I am!

I made a ton of soap the other day. I am just so crafty!

I am really procrastinating, I was at work WAY to long yesterday.

I would really like for someone to massage my shoulders, and Biker is just....well...bless his heart...just no.....

Baby Brother has a job, can you believe how grown up he is getting???

And I want to say that I am super proud of Lorna. She graduates today. Way to go Lorna! I knew you could do it!!!

Ok, I better get on my way. Kisses to you all!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's My Pity Party and I'll Cry If I Want Too....

Cry if I want too...
You would cry to if it happened to you...
Do do do do do...

Ok, so I threw myself one big giant pity party yesterday. Why might you ask, well I really don't want to talk about that. Instead, I need to focus on the things that I am thankful for, instead of the things that I don't have or at least don't have yet. So here thankful list.

  1. A family that loves me, and will even laugh, joke, and cut up with me about things that at first I didn't think were funny, but when they come from them then they are. Just always remember...Click Clack loves you Great Mama, Great Daddy, Momdy, and Uncle Bllololololololololololo. And I love you all too!!!
  2. Four really great friends that will sit and talk to you on the phone, even when they are having problems of their own. They just listen, and then plot revenge on the person that has made you upset. I would like to personally thank: Lydia, Donye-girl, Tara, and Krista. You four have no idea what you mean to me!
  3. A best friend that even though I haven't talked to her in like two weeks, she will still be there no matter what. I love you so much Pooh, you have helped me through what felt like some of the roughest times in my life, and I don't know how I will ever repay you.
  4. A great boyfriend, Biker, who will just sit on the phone with you and listen to you cry, probably making no sense at all, but he still listens.
  5. A terrific house, that may not be perfect, but it is home, and I love it!!!
  6. A pretty great job, with clients that drive me nuts, and staff that sends me over the edge. Even when sometimes I think we need to have the staff tested for mental retardation, you all still crack me up.
  7. Animals that are always happy to see me!
  8. A God that is forgiving, loving, and patient with me. Turns out...He isn't finished with me yet. He has a plan for all of us, and it would be really super if he just sent that down in the form of an essay or blue prints when you are born, but unfortunately that doesn't happen. And I sometimes tend to forget, He is always there in control of every situation. Apparently He doesn't say well, "Ok Baby Gator, you're you are on your own." Nope, He doesn't say that, He is always in control. (psst....sometimes He has to remind me of that.)
  9. My fantastic Jeep!
  10. Having my credit card paid down to half of what I owed not even 6 months ago.
  11. My fancy pants new overalls! That I would at the used clothing store of $3.
  12. My new love of making things. Soap, letters, picture frames, cards, etc.
  13. Soon to be my new talent of sewing.
  14. My Mom. She is always there for me, no matter what. I am so excited about her new house, y'all wouldn't even believe how big and cool it is! Her bedroom is like...the size of a two car garage I swear! It's awesome!
  15. My Baby Brother, who is taller than I am now. He is growing up to be such a wonderful young man. Oh good grief I just said young man. Retract that last statement and insert, he is growing up to be such a wonderful person, or guy, or fellow, or anything but young man.
  16. My giraffes!
  17. My super cool new furniture.
  18. My awesome new rocking chair.
  19. The cool sheets that I got for Christmas, that I finally get to use on the king size bed.
  20. The king size bed all to myself.
  21. You, I am thankful for you!!!
What are you thankful for? Let me know. Put your list on your blog, and then leave me a comment and I will come and check it out!!!

Love you all!

Baby Gator