Monday, April 21, 2008

The Scene of the Crime

Does anyone remember this picture from yesterday's posting???

Well this is the scene today. Police believe that a gang of wild hell raising cats came and raided this peaceful neighborhood. I say peaceful, because I am one of the two houses that are currently occupied on this block. A witness said that she was scared for her life. The cats looked as if they were high off of some drug.

Upon further investigation, police found this evidence.

If you see these suspects please be aware they are considered 4 armed and dangerous if you have allergies. Please call you local Baby Gator, so that she can take care of this problem.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Busy Sunday!!!

Ok, I have done bunches and bunches of stuff today. Here are a few pics to prove it! And I have to tell you all about the amazing yesterday. Ok, first I picked up Biker and the Harley shop in Amarillo, and then we went to Clarendon. We had a fabulous time, and then we went back to Amarillo. We went to the Harley shop to get his bike, and we got a sweet deal there. (My friend hooked us up!) Then we went to JC Penny's and Biker's pants were buy one get one 50% off. Well they only had one pair that would fit him, so I asked if we could get a rain check for the other pair that would be 50% off. I swear y'all no one there knew what a rain check was. We had to ask 5 different people before a manager finally came up. Lol, she said we could either get a rain check or take 25% off now. Biker opted for the 25% off now. then he took me back to my Jeep and he went back to Pampa, America.

I went to Pet Smart because I had to coupons, one for cat food one for dog food. I got to Pet Smart and I find a big rope on clearance for $4.96 which it is usually $10. So then I go find the dog food. A 5 lbs bag is $11, and a 4lbs bag of cat food is $11. I was like HOLY COW!!! But what did I have you ask....FREE COUPONS!!! So the original bill added up to $30, but I only paid $5, because of the coupons. And I had a gift certificate, because a long time ago Dixie Dog won a beauty contest. How cool is that???

Then I went to Home Depot, because I had two gift certificates for there. One was for $5 and the other was $10. So I was like ok Baby Gator, you can't spend over $15. Well I found 6 plants that I liked, but two of them looked like they were on the brink of death, and I found a bag of potting soil that I needed. So I asked the manager if he would give me 50% off of those two plants. He said he would give me 20% but that was all. So I go check out. After my 20% off and the $15 of gift cards, I only had to pay $2.92. I was way excited. Then I went home. I wanted to quit while I was ahead.

So today here is a list of the things that I have done. This is in no particular order.
  1. Went to Church
  2. Planted plants
  3. Dusted
  4. Cleaned off the coat rack
  5. Cleaned out the front closet
  6. Used a power saw! WAY COOL!!!
  7. Put in two thresholds
  8. fixed the hole that was beside the potty, because He Who Shall Remain Nameless didn't cut the tile right.
  9. Rearranged the middle bedroom
  10. Painted 1 1/2 walls in the back bedroom
  11. Done ALL of the laundry, even the bedding
  12. Made about 40 trips to the dumpster
  13. Watered the back yard
  14. Watered the garden spot
  15. Watered all of the plants
  16. Watered the new mums
  17. Combed the cats
  18. Moved the plants off of the porch because it was too windy. I put them on the side of the house out of the wind
  19. Watered the poor mums again, because they already sucked up all of the water from the first time.
  20. Little Miss Martha and I were going to go for a walk, but it is WAY to windy.
So here are some fabulous pics, I hope you enjoy them!!!

One of the thresholds that I put in. Doesn't it look nice?!?!

This is a fabulous little thing that I had forgotten that I bought. it's for growing herbs inside, and that is the paint brush that I was using to paint that 1 1/2 walls in the back bedroom that I did today.

My beautiful plants in front of my house.

The beautiful plants of the side of my house. They usually sit on the porch, but remember I had to move them because it's so windy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

How beautiful is spring!!!

I absolutely love Spring! It's one of my favorite seasons. Summer is my fav, but spring runs a very close second. I bought two very big tomato plants today at Wal-Mart and i finally broke down and bought some of those cages that go around the plants so that they don't fall over. I love Spring!!!

Mama is getting a cat. I know you are thinking that is crazy, I know right! My Mama...cats...not usually a combo but not it is. I have a new Uncle. His name is Smokey. He has more hair than Uncle Bald Eagle. Oh yes, the pun was intended.

I am going to be doing the Complaint Free thing with my Mom Gator. Go to her blog and you can read all about it.

I nearly just put something tacky on here but then I erased it.

I am going to do a thankful list because it has been forever and a day since I have done one.
  1. My family
  2. My animals
  3. My friends
  4. My garden
  5. Clean Panties
  6. Giraffes
  7. Squirt Bottles
  8. Hair Scrunchies
  9. Pretty new plants
  10. You!!!
Ok, everyone you should all join in. What are you all thankful for???

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And we are off...

So today, Mom Gator, Baby Brother, Friend-o-baby brother, and I are headed to Austin. Baby Brother is super talented at art, and he gets to go to state with one of his pieces this year. He got to go last year too, as a Freshman...can you believe that. Like I said he is super talented. We will be gone for a few days, and you will all be missed terribly. Austin is one of Mom Gator's favorite towns. She would move there if she could, I keep telling her that she can but she says no. ~Rolls her eyes~ Silly Mom Gator. Anywho, I am packing my camera and I am planning on taking lots of pics. Right now I am going to leave you with pics of the trip Biker and I took a few weeks ago. We had a blast, but we were ready to come home after a few days.

This is Biker petting a sting ray.

This is me about to pet a sting ray.

Oh yes, me petting a sting ray. I am not sure how I got this to be underlined, but I can't get it to go away.

Biker and I with the travelocity roaming gnome. And did you notice the underlining went away. I have no idea how...

Biker and I at the entrance to the aquarium. No my best looking shirt I must say.