Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vroom Vroom!!!

I am totally excited. Today is the day I leave to go to P-town (home of Biker), and we will leave for the Oklahoma State Rally tomorrow morning. By this time tomorrow we will already be on the road. Y'all know how I just love getting up that early. We aren't dragging the trailer behind the bike so I had to pack super light. I packed everything I am taking in a 2 gallon ziploc baggie. No kidding. ~thinks to herself~ man that was a lot of stuff to pack in such a little bag.

We will put all of the rain gear in one saddle bag, all of my stuff in the other saddle bag, and his C-pap machine and my purse in the tour pack. He will then bungee his bag on the tour pack. Hey Mom did you like how I put it today, lol??? The bike didn't get washed last night like it was suppose to because a storm went through P-town. So tonight we will have to wash the bike, shamee (sp?) the bike off, buff it, and whatever else you have to do. And I use we as a relative term, what I really mean is Biker. And when I say we aren't dragging the trailer, I really mean Biker. I will just pretty much be a passenger on this trip. I like it that way.

I will get a bike someday, maybe a Trike?!? I am not sure yet. Heck with the price of gas going up the way it is I might have to just invest in a horse. Lol.

So anywho, here is my thankful list for today. Don't forget to be thankful for something you silly heads!!!

  1. My Mom Gator, that will laugh with me when I say something totally innocent and not meaning it dirty, but it comes out that way. She doesn't laugh at me, she laughs with me. Most of the time.
  2. The new Gator house. OMG, you should all see it!!! It is totally awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME I TELL YOU!!!
  3. Biker, for just listening last night.
  4. My friends, you all kow who you are and you all mean the world to me.
  5. Tall Girl's small ones. Especially since the oldest, almost 2 now, calls Biker her bad biker. He let her fall off of the floatee and into the pool. She has called him Bad Shawn ever since.
  6. A job that pays the bills. There might not be a lot left over, but at least i am getting by.
  7. My animals, even if I do want to through Cookies off of the roof sometimes.
  8. My new used I-pod. Still!
  9. A wonderfully sweet comment from Flutterby. Thank you so much, you don't know how much that meant to me.
  10. Donye-girl. She just called me out of the blue on Tuesday, just to see what I was doing.
  11. You! I am thankful for you!
So what are you thankful for. Come on you know you are thankful for at least one tiny little thing.


seethroughfaith said...

thankful you'll have a great trip !!

PS chamois (pronounced "shamee") leather ... must be French right? (grin)

Gator World!! said...

Ok Lorna, just because I don't know how to spell....geez....~rolls her eyes~

Gator World!! said...

Ok Lorna, just because I don't know how to spell....geez....~rolls her eyes~

Mary Beth said...

you, reminding me that I need to make a thankful list!

Bunny Bunster said...

I'd be thankful for just a cracker right now - I'm starving!!
And I'm thankful for you!!

Flutterby said...

Awww.. thanks! Did you have fun??!! Just about 3 weeks until I will be out there to visit! I am not sure which I am more excited about... getting to see your moms new house or getting to see you. I enjoyed their trip out here so much and wish you could have come along. There's still plenty out here we didn't have time to do so there's gotta be some more visits!

SpookyRach said...

sounds like a great trip!!!