Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Good Morning!!!

Isn't it a beautiful morning? This birds are chirping, the sun is shinning and Cookies peed on the love seat. And I had to clean it AGAIN!!!! Does anyone want a slightly used cat? That started off the morning just peachy. But that is ok. I am happy today is Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday, and all of those who know me know what that means. Garage Sale Day!!! I am so excited. I always get excited about garage sale day. We get to work super early (for us) get all of our work done and hit the sales. We are serious shoppers. And if we don't bargain with you then it hasn't been a good shopping day.

Well, I have to hurry today, because Bossman and Head-O-Nurses is coming into look at charts today. Ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

  1. My life. What a sweet life it is!!!
  2. My family, I could never have asked for a better one!
  3. Biker, what a dork, but my dork.
  4. My job, that allows me to have so much fun sometimes. Others....well we won't talk about that.
  5. My house, it may not be the Ritz, but it's mine.
  6. My Mom's new house. It's totally awesome!
  7. A good friend trusting me enough to watch her babies over night while she works. I know she doesn't trust a lot of people to watch her kids, and that makes me feel really good.
  8. My fantastic hair. Oh yeah, no matter how hard people try, they just don't have hair as cool as mine!
  9. Arol coming to mow my backyard, because I don't have a push mower. Yo uhave no idea how much that means to me Arol. I love you!!!
  10. To have been born an American. ~slowly stands as the national anthem is played. Places her right hand over her heart~ We are very blessed to have the freedoms that we have here and I am thankful for that. ~singing For the land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave~

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