Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yep, I pushed her.

Ok, everyone it has been a while since I posted anything. And really this time there is a good reason. I have been working on cleaning everything out, because I am moving to Switzerland. Ok, I am kidding, but I am really cleaning everything out. Lydia and I are going to have a garage sale sometime this spring, and I have been working feverishly to get stuff rounded up for it. So far I have cleaned out the my big closet twice, my bathroom, most of the kitchen, the cabinets in the back bedroom, um ok and I think that is it. I know it doesn't sound like very much, but I swear it is.

You should see the shop it is over flowing with all sorts of treasures for someone to come and find. Lydia and I have been talking I don't think we are going to price stuff. Its going to be a garage sale where make us an offer and its yours, or we will hang up a big sign that says something like all clothes $0.50, all knick knacks $1.00 or you know something like that. We are going to attempt to have said garage sale in The Town Without a Frown, and hopefully it will go over well.

Lets see what else has been happening. The Girl Scout Troop is going wonderfully. I swear I have the best group of girls around. Cookie sales are going so great. Everyone is working so hard, I am just so proud of them.

I have 25 gift bags ready and waiting for Valentines day, I have already talked to the lady at the Women's Shelter in Ama and she told me how many to make and I said no problem.

Wednesday night meals are going great. Little Miss is doing such a great job at heading that up.

Dixie Dog was in here first heat this past week. Yeah that's been fun. There was a big dog on the other side of the fence the other day, so I went over there to shoooo him off, but instead he growled and chased me. That was not as much fun as it sounds like, I swear.

I pushed Milk in the bathtub last night. Stupid cat. I was running a small amount of water cause I just wanted to shave my legs last night and then go to bed. While I am running the water she gets in the tub. She stays in the tub until the water hits her feet and then she gets out. Ok, whatever. While I am in the tub she keeps swatting at the water. I keep telling her Milk stop it. Does she top, no of course not. So I get out and am drying off and she is still messing with the water. So I pushed her in. She freaked out and ran into the other room, all wet. I had little paw prints all over the carpet in the bedroom. It was like a small victory for me.

So I am washing sheet the other day, and I washed the ones on the back bedroom bed. Well, I am not an over achiever, so it takes me a couple of days to make the bed back. I go in there to put the bed back together and this is what I find. Please not this picture is not posed. I did not put him like this. This is the way that I found him. I did move the covers back a little so that you could see him better. That's my Cookies baby.


Lorna said...

I was so excited to hear you'd move to Europe - then found out it was a scam ... bad girl !!!

Yah for the valentine's bags and the girl scounts . you are one amazing gal - just like your mom :)

I'm glad I don't live near though - i'd probably buy up your stuff ... hope itgoes well and you shift a lot of stuff.

We gave bags here once (small plastic carriers ) and said 5€ for as much as you can put it one bag. That worked well and got rid of a lot of plastic bags too :)

Now I love going to rummage sales and buying second hand books. I think I'm addicted.

Town without a frown - sounds swell. and the cat is sweet :) As for heat - Mindy was on heat after Christmas - and we're expecting the puppy to come on heat soon. They are both in a dog show tomorrow . Fingers crossed. Misty isn't good at standing - she sits and begs which is funny but the judge won't be amused.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am about to get pantipalooza started up on my blog! I am so proud of you!

You MUST price things. I refuse to go to garage sales that do not have prices. Or do what Lorna suggest!

I love that picture of cookies!!

Bunny Bunster said...

Can I place an order for GS cookies??

Gator World!! said...

Yes my dear Bunny you can place an order for girl scout cookies. What would you like.

Lorna, we thought about doing the everything you can fit in a bag for $5 thing too. I am just ready to have the darn thing so that I can get into my shop again.

Mom Gator, you better get started Pantipalooza is right around the corner!!!

Bunny Bunster said...

Three Thin Mints and Two Peanut Butters. I think they used to be called Do-Si-Do's.

Gator World!! said...

I have no idea what a Do-Si-Do is. Can you describe it to me??? I can tell you what it is if you can describe it.

Bunny Bunster said...

It's a Peanut Butter wafer with peanut butter spread between the two.
Ask you mom, she'll know!

Gator World!! said...

Those are called Peanut Butter Sandwiches now silly. I know they took away all the good named and gave them dorky ones. It sucks, but what can you do? Ok, so are you willing to pay shipping for these fantastic cookies? It shouldn't be much maybe a few dollars.

The Horny Bitch said...

Black cat covered up. So cute!

Bunny Bunster said...

Yes, I'll pay shipping as well.
Send me a bill to my email account!