Thursday, December 13, 2007

I promise I am still alive.

Hey everyone, I know it seems like forever since I have written. Well it almost has been forever. I started an entry about going shopping after Thanksgiving, but it just never got up. I have been thinking for a couple of days about what i should write about. I don't know how many of you keep tabs on my life, but in case you do then you know that it has been a year since my life changed drastically. At the time I thought everything was falling apart, but god had other plans for me. A year and two days ago my finance at the time (now known as "he who shall remain nameless") got drunk and wrecked a very nice pickup that I was paying for. Smashed in the whole driver's side, part of the front, and bent the frame. FYI those frames were engineered by NASA, it's kind of hard to bend them...I digress... He spent a few says in the hospital and lets just say he didn't have the comfy home he thought he did to come back to. Anyway, 4 days after the wreck I graduated with my Master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Management. We rocked a long for about 4 months, and things just never got back in the grove of where they were. Mainly because I was super pissed off. Then I asked him to move out and we would see where things lead...they lead to him having a girlfriend in a few hours. So I started talking to Biker again. Biker and I dated a long time didn't end well back then. So anyways, we start talking again and then we start going out...and then I finally realized that a man should treat me better then HWSRN did. When we go out to eat Biker pays, he calls me for no reason, he talks to me every night before I go to bed, my friends and family love him, he doesn't expect me to support him, and he loves me for me not for what I can give him. I know this blog may seem a little on the downer side, but it really isn't. A year ago I felt all alone even though my friends and family were all there to support me in my time of need. I don't know what I would have done without my Mom, Brother, Mama, Dad, Little Miss, Beck Beck, Poodle, Lydia, and then eventually Biker. I love you all so much and thank you all for being there for me when I needed you. You are all the best friends and family a Baby Gator could ever ask for! I love you all!!!!